Kids + Toilet = Trouble every time

Kids are always fascinated by the toilet. The only fascination I have with the toilet is, that its my 5 minutes of solitude in a normally chaotic house. But even then it’s not true peace.

You have the option of (a) let them in with you and leave the door open, so you have them messing in the sink and splashing you, running off with the toilet roll, or the constant barrage of questions like “Mum, are you having a poo? are you having a poo mum? are you doing a wee or a poo mum?” which can be quite off-putting. But then this option isn’t too bad when  you are in the house with just the little ones.

Or you have the option of (b) Locking the door!, This is my prefered option, but even then there is no escape from the bang bang bang on the door and the door handle constantly being tried, and the little screams of “MUMMMMYYYYY” “Its ok sweetie, I am on the toilet, I will be with you in a mo” which cues the conversation through the door of  “Mum, are you having a poo? are you having a poo mum? are you doing a wee or a poo mum?”

But as a mum trying to go to the loo, you can always guarantee that as soon as you park your bottom down and start the whole process one of 3 things happen.

  1. One or Two children are involved in a fight or accident, and screaming commences.
  2. The postman or courier delivery persons knock at the door
  3. The phone rings

All of which results in the pause mid flow, hastily mop up, and sort out said problems partially pulled up and fastened.

It’s hard to time when to go to the loo when you have little ones. Even from Newborn they have the Toilet Radar. Baby is cosy and sleeping, and you quietly sneak off to see to nature, and of course you park your bottom and mid flow… “Waaaahhhhh Wahhhhhhh”

It’s no better as toddlers, they could be napping, eating or absorbed in their favourite program, the Toilet Radar always goes off.

Never leave the toilet unattended!! This is a rule I am telling you because right at this moment of typing I have 3 of my gang sneaking into the downstairs loo. One sits on the toilet while the other 2 mess in the sink. Oh that poor sink. Its been blocked so many times with toilet roll (which is 5’s favourite thing, and throwing the whole roll into the toilet too) 3 likes to drink out of the tap there, and 4 has tea parties. It’s always a heart sinking vision when you see at least one of them come out of there with a pen… You just dread going in there then.

Kids + Toilet = Trouble every time