Photo Scrabble

One of my little photo faves at the moment is playing with Scrabble tiles.

They are so versatile (no pun intended)

Here are some examples of my Photo Scrabbles



Families Love

Families Love


And my personal favourite ….


RillyRoos eBay ;)

RillyRoos eBay 😉





Off Topic – Snapped a Garden Visitor

So idly looking out of the window this morning, I see Mr Squirrel swinging about on the bird feeder without a care in the world. So I did what any sane person would, I went into stealth mode and attempted to sneak up on it.











Finally Did It

I am so pleased with myself. I finally managed to set up my Nikon to Mr Rillys Telescope. Its only taken me about 2 years to fisgure out. That makes me feel really stupid.. LOL

1st off we needed to purchase a T2 ring, this allows me to screw the camera directly onto the telescope.

The next stage was to figure out what setting to put the camera on. After lots of googling, I learned that my camera has a ‘Bulb’ setting, go figure, I have only owned it for 3+ years.

Then to get the camera on there, focused and ready.

Say Hello to Mr Moon


YEY, I feel so clever.

YEY, I feel so clever.