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Thursdays Thought – Large Families

Thursdays thought is brought to you by Pinkoddy and her meme of Thursdays Thought

Todays thought is inspired by the recent news of the Duggers Family expecting their 20th child.

Is having a large family a bad thing?

If children are looked after and provided for then is that not OK? And I dont mean just in the material sense. Children in all size families still need to be raised with knowledge of right and wrong and common decency. Are parents of larger families able to provide this for their family?

Are children from larger families more or less likely to become delinquents because of this lack of constructive ‘time’ ?

At what point should parents stop having more babies? Who is to say what parents can or can not cope with?




I can only say from my experiences so far, I love having a larger than average family. OK at times I do feel a little stretched with my time for them, especially if one of them is ill or needing extra attention due to potty training or the eldest needs extra help with homework, they still manage to get some precious time with each of us. But they are good kids, they try hard at school, they are polite when out in public and wouldnt DARE to bring the police to my door.

I guess with everything, there is always the exceptions and you get the rough, delinquent families, but I would say the majority of the larger families I am in contact with are like myself and have children we are very proud of.

Although I dont normally think that there is such a thing as too many children as long as you love them and care for them and make them into decent people, I cant help but feel a little hypocritical of myself and say that 20 is too many. Saying that though none of the Duggers children have ASBOs or any criminal records of any kind.

The one advantage larger families have in this day and age, is if the economy goes balls up, we can all live in one big house and pool all our resources and survive that way.

I will be looking forward to hearing your thoughts