The D Word

I hate the D word. You know which D word I meant dont you?

The D word that makes you miserable & cranky, the one that makes you obsess over everything.

Yes the big old diet word.

I am getting to that point of my weight now where I am out of breath just bending down to tie my shoes, walking up the stairs more than once to put washing away might as well be climbing mount Everest. Dont get me started on metaphors and similes of what it is like trying to having sex.

Every time I even start to attempt the D word, I immediately start to crave the things I would miss. I love my sugary tea, chocolate bars, white bread & crisps butties with lashings of real butter. Damn, no wonder I am a fatty!!

There are so many choices out there of what diet to try, low carb diets, calorie counting diets, points, syns, shakes and bars. How do you know which is the right one for you? How do you know if you are more likely to stick to one without giving up at every step. Is it about looking at what you normally eat anyway and seeing what your down fall is? For me its definitely Carbohydrates. I love chips, spuds & bread, Pasta & rice are my main food friends. So Do I go for a diet that uses them or one that cuts them out?

Its sooo confusing.

IF.. and I do mean IF!!! I start to diet, I may embarrass myself to stick to it by blogging about my darn cravings, and my moments of woe and misery.

Off to do some research now on which, how, and long term diets.

Wish me luck


Chocolate Loopy Puffs

I found myself in a dilemma this morning when I voiced my wonderful idea of making Rice Krispie cakes with the kids, but alas, no Rice Krispies. So I looked for the alternative Corn Flakes and we didn’t have any of those either !!

OH NO !!!

“But Muuuuuuuum” I hear in that high pitched wailing screech that 5 year olds do best.

Never fear though my little minions, mummy has a plan.

Those Sugar Puffs that have been in the cupboard since Xmas, and the Honey Hoops I seem to have 4 boxes of, left over Easter eggs and some golden syrup come to the rescue.

I have created …

Chocolate Loopy Puffs !!! 

Chocolate Loopy Puffs

Chocolate Loopy Puffs

Rilly Random – Mmmmmm Beans on Toast

Rilly Random

Beans on toast hey. The classic of all quick dinner time meals. Loved by kids, devoured by grown ups.

Yet again though so many different ways of preparing and setting out the good ole classic.

Do you have the beans all over the toast or do you prefer to make a pool of beans and contain the flow with toast arranged on the outside?

Do any beans cut the grade, or is it just heinz?

Do you add anything to the beans to give them a little extra kick?

How many rounds of toast?? is it a nice careful 2, or a pigout 3 & 4??

I like my beans in a pool, neatly arranged toast (Mr Rilly made dinner today, he is not so particular on culinary neatness as me 😉 )


And Mr Rilly likes his beans ALL over.


How do you do yours?

Rilly Random

Rilly Random – Red Sauce or Brown Sauce?

Rilly Random

Red sauce (or Tomato sauce) is my favourite of the 2.

My 5 points of Red Sauce

  1. My favourite thing to have with red sauce has got to be a bacon and egg sarnie… Nom Nom Nom.
  2. Sometime the cheaper brands actually taste nicer than the leading brands, I like Asdas own, not the mega cheap one, the next one up. I think Daddys red sauce tastes a bit weird
  3. Have you noticed those little sachet things, there is never enough in one and some cafes are so stingy that you have to pay 10p for one little squirt of sauce. Its not on at all.
  4. As a family of 8, we get through one large bottle of red sauce a week. I swear my kids drink it when I am not looking.
  5. Red sauce is a nightmare to clean out of carpets
My 5 points of Brown Sauce
  1. Its brown, and its not gravy.
  2. What flavour is it anyway?? Its not brown flavour for a start
  3. I dont think I have ever purchased a bottle of brown sauce in my life
  4. It smells funny
  5. Its yukky

So which is your favourite and why??