Baby Boys Clothes are So Cute

I love seeing some of the baby boys clothes that come through the shop. Some of these little things are just so munchy scrunchy.

Like this jacket

Super Dog coat from Next age 3-6 Months

Super Dog coat from Next age 3-6 Months

With an amazing fun cape on the back

With an amazing fun cape on the back

Of course this is available at the moment (12/11/15) in the shop, but like most things, there is only one of each item.

So Once it is gone…. ITS GONE 

So how about this little cutie too

Baby boys outfit for 0-3 months

Baby boys outfit for 0-3 months

Keep an eye on offers. You will be able to buy multiple items and earn discounts.

FREE Postage on most items, and no quibble returns for all items if its not suitable for your needs.


A Little Thanks to ALL my Clients

Thank you to you all.

Your patience and understanding over the last 12 months has been amazing. When I first started RillyRoos, it was my intention to just buy stock and sell for myself. As most of you know, I have been running the business myself whilst we waited for all the mini Rillys to be in full time school, and now Mr Rilly has been able to join me. I do appreciate that you have been patient with me, I havent been able to get things listed as quick as I would have liked but, hopefully now with 2 and a half of us listing (the half being a part time, dragged into help for free teenage son) we should be able to work a little quicker and hopefully make you (and us) a little more pennies.

Thank you to each of you for taking the gamble and having a go. Without you we would be an empty warehouse, with nothing to do

Thank you to those of you that have recommended us to friends and family. It is appreciated so much. Some of you should be claiming commission for how many people you have recommended LOL

Thank you to you all for your continued support. I hope we have many many many years together, forever topping up your eBay piles.


RillyRoo xxx

How Do You Find The Time??

Is a question I get asked a million times? 

The plain and simple of it, I don’t !! But I wouldn’t have it any other way. After having been out of work for some time, I soon realised I don’t like to sit around doing nothing. I have to be doing something. So when I was unable to work, due to PTSD, which is a whole different blog post, I started to eBay. It started off by just selling bits and bobs around the house, just like everyone else. I soon realised that I was finding it quite therapeutic too. I was interacting with people even if it was just on a virtual level, I liked that. I liked that I was good at it too. An opportunity came along where I was able to use some of the money I had made to buy more items to sell. From there RillyRoos started to grow. When it was getting too big for my bedroom, I knew I had to do something. 

We went off to get a storage locker, which then became two, then three, and an office. Before long, it was time to move into bigger pastures. We are now proud occupiers of a warehouse. 

But, this doesn’t answer the 1st question of ‘How do you find the time?’ 

As I have already said…. I don’t! 

I am up any time from 5.30 in the morning, some days I have a crafty snooze on the settee, and some days I just straight onto the PC to check the previous nights sales and answer any queries. Check emails and messages for potential clients etc, and then its time to get 4 out of the 6 fed & dressed ready for the day ahead and I often fall into bed at Midnight after finishing off bits & bobs from the day before. 

I have to say, if it wasn’t for Mr Rilly, I don’t think we would be as successful as we are now. He has given up his time and his career to be a stay at home dad, (Don’t tell him I said so, but he is pretty damn good at it) 

So there I am at the warehouse, 5 days a week, 8-9 hours a day, and I come home and often finish off little bits, or communicate with buyers and clients. And then BOOOOOM a new thing starts!! School event photography & Friends getting married and they know I have a love of photography, and its something I have wanted to try, so as a gift to them I have done their wedding photos, and I have to admit, I am pretty OK at it. Very proud of the shots (and thankfully so are the Brides & Grooms). Not only now do we have one business with 49 clients to sell for, in my spare time I do photography. 

I am not a wonder-woman, a supermom, or a career driven maniac, I am just a woman who likes to keep busy. 

Back to the question again…. How do I find the time?? I don’t, I MAKE the time. I enjoy what I do, I like being busy, I have a family that is supportive of the businesses, so its worth making that time for. 

And that’s the key, If you enjoy something, don’t just sit their moaning about not having the time to do it… MAKE the time to do it, what ever it may be. 

Negative Feedback

Negative feedback is probably one of the hardest things to accept, not only on eBay but for any business you have set up yourself. A negative feedback takes you back to being 5 years old and coming last at snakes and ladders. It hurts, and it makes you angry.

What can you do to change it?

Sometimes looking at the negative feedback and seeing the reason for it, should give you guidance. Its a matter of stepping back from the personal issue and seeing why your customer felt the need to leave such a harsh criticism, because thats basically what it is really. Was it because the item wasn’t as described? Did it take too long to post? did you communicate any issues with the buyer?

If the buyer was upset at the description, go and look at what you put in and more importantly, what you left out. Ticking the ‘Used’ box isn’t enough these days. Buyers expect items to be like new if you haven’t said anything. I like to use a generic “This item is 2nd hand, it will show some light signs of wear, any faults will be listed below and pictured… blah blah” its so much easier now that the pictures are free, you can add pics of faults.

What about if the buyer was upset at delivery time? Again is this communicated to the buyer? Do they know you can only post on a Thursday morning because thats the only time you have in between school runs, work & food shopping, a little message to say when you expect to post, and via 1st or 2nd class.

I know the most frustrating thing in the world is when a buyer leaves a negative without ever being in touch to allow you to even attempt to resolve any issues. I am cheeky, I will message them and apologise that they were unhappy and is there anyway I can help them. Sometimes we have resolved an issue after feedback has been left and 50% of the time the buyer will revise the feedback to say that issues were resolved.

Negative feedback should not be cause for upset, just think that the buyer is upset too. No need to get into an argument. Nothing you type will change that, and if you get angry, they will get even angrier too.  The final point should be for them to send it back, always give them the option, no matter how petty the reason might sound. If they send it back at least you get to relist it, and add in that little extra input the unhappy buyer gave you.

Negatives are only negative if you do nothing about it. Use it to learn and improve.

Hobbies & Pastimes

One of my favourite hobbies is photography.  The fab thing about having so many things around me is I get a huge choice of what to photograph.

Here are some of my favourite pictures that I have used stock for in my Photo a Day challenge



Listed here on my eBay

Cute Shoes

Cute Shoes

Woven Bag

Woven Bag

Listed Here


Such a fabulous variety of things to photo. I love my job

Oh WOW I Wasn’t Expecting That !

So yet again we are clearing out a storage locker, this locker is full of computer accessories & photo paper. Another nice bargain and an excellent edition to the Emporium.

As we are sorting though we came across a couple of boxes that didnt look like computer accessories.

This is what we found

Gorgeous Chinese Teapots

Gorgeous Chinese Teapots

Bamboo Gungfu Tea Trays, various sizes

Bamboo Gungfu Tea Trays, various sizes

Gorgeous Bamboo Utensil Holder

Gorgeous Bamboo Utensil Holder

Pop along to http://www.rillyroos.co.uk For more items

Bad Bad eBay!

As you know I run an eBay business. The majority of the time its great. But there is the rare occasions when you can feel quite sad about trading on eBay.

Its not the fees, or the tedium of listing. The fees are part and parcel of gaining a worldwide customer base, so that part pays. The listing, yes… can get a little boring sometimes, but again if you want to make money its something you have to do,

Its not even the awkward customers, that expect it to be delivered that very hour, or complain that there is something wrong when you know for a fact their isnt, every shop meets people like these so mine is no different than those.

What brings me down is eBay itself. Its unfair feedback system, the detailed seller ratings that the seller cant see the information on, the fact we cant warn other sellers that certain buyers are trying it on. Just the other day I had a buyer complain that an item hadnt arrived, yet when I checked the recorded delivery number, it had been delivered 2 days before. Another buyer complaining that the item wasnt as described, yet when I ask them to return it to me for a refund, the item is then actually OK enough to keep. But there is nothing stopping the buyers from leaving a negative feedback rather than attempt to sort the problem out.

Every day you are on pins trying to sell to the highest of standards and sometimes actually making a loss on some items just to keep the customer and eBay happy, because one small negative feedback can reduce your visibility on eBay for a month or more so you lose a great deal of money.

They dangle the carrot of Top Rated Seller, and you aim to achieve this yet its so easy to lose once you get it, and buyers seem to know this. I have been a powerseller for years, I have had 1 negative feedback and that was only a few months ago. I was slow to deliver and item was not a 14, I was on holiday with my holiday settings on and measurements are listed in the description, would eBay remove it… No!! did it affect my sales?? YES !!!

I have been marked down 5 times in the last 3 months for high postage charges. My postage is one of the cheapest on eBay for the items I sell bar Free Postage (Which I have tried before) plus I have a business account and no postage prices get put on the stamps so how do they know if I have charged high or not?  Can I check the items that have been marked as high postage?? No I cant, so how can I correct something that I dont know about?

So yes eBay is very favourable to the buyer, but its the sellers that make them the money.