Self-Employed Mums – Debutots – With Jenni

I know quite a few Self-Employed mums. I have asked some of them if they would like to do a blog-aview with me to maybe inspire mums out there that think it would be too hard to do, or want to make the jump but just need a little push.

First one is Jenni from Debutots.

Tell us all a little about yourself Jenni.
My name is Jenni and I’m 33. I live in Swindon with my husband Paul, three kids – Oscar who is 8, Sadie who is 6 and Lottie who is 3. Oh and a naughty chocolate labrador called Pickle!

What is it that you do?
I am a franchisee for Debutots. We run story and drama sessions for babies and children aged 6 months to 7 years. There are lots of different ways we do this, from parent and child classes, to nursery sessions and afterschool clubs. We also offer entertainment for birthday parties, and the weekend often finds me dressed as a fairy, a pirate or a spaceman ready for a big adventure with some great kids! Sometimes people wonder how you can do drama with such young children, but really it’s all about usuing stories to encourage language, gesture, sounds and imagination. For very little ones it is a chance for them to play creatively with their parents or carers, and see them doing lots of funny faces and noises, which they love! For older children they get the chance to explore different feelings and experiences through the safety of let’s pretend.

Jenni at the head of a class.

Jenni at the head of a class.

Why did you start with Debutots?
I started 5 and a half years ago now! At the time I was working part time in a Building Society Head Office. I have a drama background and when I came across Debutots I knew it was the perfect job for me. It’s been a lot of hard work, and it took a while to see any financial gain, but I have never regretted it. I don’t get that Monday morning feeling any more!

Do you enjoy what you do?
Yes I love it! What other job do you get to dress up as a fairy and play games and get paid? The children are brilliant. It’s amazing to see how they change over time. I love watching the shy ones come out of their shell. We’ve even had a little girl say her first word at a class once. The parents are lovely too and I have made some lovely friends along the way. I also get to network with other mums doing similar work which is really fun and a great way to have some support.

Jenni dressing up for one of her parties. Cally from Night Before Christmas

Jenni dressing up for one of her parties. Cally from Night Before Christmas

Have you always wanted to be self employed or is it something you have just worked your way into?
Hah! I never even considered it! I saw the advert in Center Parcs magazine when I was in the bath one night. My husband was working nights and by the time he came home in the morning I had sent emails and was on the way to buying a franchise that 24 hours before neither of us had ever heard of.

How do you work it around children and family life?
That is the main reason I chose this work. It is perfect for family life. I run all my sessions during school hours and term time only. I am able to take them to school and pick them up again. I sometimes run special holiday classes and then they come with me. My older daughter is great and will probably take over from me one day Birthday parties are a little harder as they tend to be at weekends, but luckily we have helpful grandparents on hand if my husband isn’t free to look after them. The children have only recently realised that Debutots is Mummy’s job – and I think that’s a great sign from a family life point of view (Although I was a bit put out that they thought I never did any work! haha)

Is your partner supportive?
Thankfully yes, or I would never have been able to make a success of it. He could see that it was something I would love and he was prepared to take a risk and give it a go. He is a bit of a worrier about money so he had to be very brave at the start. I even sent him off for training so he could help me out with classes and parties. He makes a great Pirate Scallywag, but don’t ask him about the party he did for a group of six year old girls or you might just see a grown man cry

Where can people find you?
You can have a look at our website Debutots UK where you will find me and all my colleagues who work in other areas. Or check out my Facebook page Debutots Swindon

Jenni working with a toddler making a Squeaky Mouse

Jenni working with a toddler making a Squeaky Mouse

Thank you for the little look into your self employed world. Looks like you all have great fun and I know we at RillyRoos, wish you all the best in the future with Debutots


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