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How Do You Find The Time??

Is a question I get asked a million times? 

The plain and simple of it, I don’t !! But I wouldn’t have it any other way. After having been out of work for some time, I soon realised I don’t like to sit around doing nothing. I have to be doing something. So when I was unable to work, due to PTSD, which is a whole different blog post, I started to eBay. It started off by just selling bits and bobs around the house, just like everyone else. I soon realised that I was finding it quite therapeutic too. I was interacting with people even if it was just on a virtual level, I liked that. I liked that I was good at it too. An opportunity came along where I was able to use some of the money I had made to buy more items to sell. From there RillyRoos started to grow. When it was getting too big for my bedroom, I knew I had to do something. 

We went off to get a storage locker, which then became two, then three, and an office. Before long, it was time to move into bigger pastures. We are now proud occupiers of a warehouse. 

But, this doesn’t answer the 1st question of ‘How do you find the time?’ 

As I have already said…. I don’t! 

I am up any time from 5.30 in the morning, some days I have a crafty snooze on the settee, and some days I just straight onto the PC to check the previous nights sales and answer any queries. Check emails and messages for potential clients etc, and then its time to get 4 out of the 6 fed & dressed ready for the day ahead and I often fall into bed at Midnight after finishing off bits & bobs from the day before. 

I have to say, if it wasn’t for Mr Rilly, I don’t think we would be as successful as we are now. He has given up his time and his career to be a stay at home dad, (Don’t tell him I said so, but he is pretty damn good at it) 

So there I am at the warehouse, 5 days a week, 8-9 hours a day, and I come home and often finish off little bits, or communicate with buyers and clients. And then BOOOOOM a new thing starts!! School event photography & Friends getting married and they know I have a love of photography, and its something I have wanted to try, so as a gift to them I have done their wedding photos, and I have to admit, I am pretty OK at it. Very proud of the shots (and thankfully so are the Brides & Grooms). Not only now do we have one business with 49 clients to sell for, in my spare time I do photography. 

I am not a wonder-woman, a supermom, or a career driven maniac, I am just a woman who likes to keep busy. 

Back to the question again…. How do I find the time?? I don’t, I MAKE the time. I enjoy what I do, I like being busy, I have a family that is supportive of the businesses, so its worth making that time for. 

And that’s the key, If you enjoy something, don’t just sit their moaning about not having the time to do it… MAKE the time to do it, what ever it may be. 


A Day in the Life … (From 2.30am to 12am)

Of a work from home Mum of 6, in the school Holidays

2.30 – 6 wakes up for a bottle. With eyes squinted, carefully I go downstairs and make him a bottle while Mr Rilly keeps 6 quiet. Good 6 drains all 7oz, fingers crossed he stays asleep

4.30 – 6 stirs, get out of bed, and steadily trundle across the landing, and blindly try to find his dummy with my eyes still closed. SUCCESS

5.00 – 6 stirs, get out of bed, and steadily trundle across the landing, and blindly try to find his dummy with my eyes still closed. SUCCESS

5.30 – 6 stirs, get out of bed, and steadily trundle across the landing, and blindly try to find his dummy with my eyes still closed. SUCCESS

6.00 – 4 starts to shout “MUUUUUUUUM Can I go for a weeeeeeeee” No point ignoring her. It only gets louder if I do. So I get up and tell her to go, but go quietly

6.05 – back into bed. 4 has already woken 3 up, but its OK they are just reading books in bed and playing quietly.

6.40 – 6 wakes up again, but as seen as 3, 4 & 5 are now awake. Its time to start the day.

6.50 – Priorities people… Laptop goes on. Windows eBay, Facebook, Twitter & Blog are opened up. 1st we deal with any eBay questions in the night, only 1 this morning. Check sales. Then onto the fun stuff for a few minutes.

7.00 Breakfast time. School day or Holidays. 7am is always breakfast time in this house. 4 bowls set up. 1 for Shreddies, 1 for Rice Krispies, 1 for Golden Nuggets and last 1 for weetabix (I know we shouldnt but hey, I am being honest here)

7.25 – I get the bright idea of doing a ‘Day in the Life’ blog… Not quite sure how well this will come off, but still..

7.26 – I nip off to make a brew and my breakfast. If I dont eat now, I wont get chance until later. 5 has gone to the potty for a wee WELL DONE 🙂 6 is playing in his chair, 3 is banging on a box with a spoon and 4 is watching TV

7.31 – OK still not made my brew yet, while the kettle boils I thought I better do some nappy changes. 3 to go in her pullups and 6 needs doing. Bad mummy should have done it before switching on the laptop

7.37 – “No 3 you do not get on the Jumperoo with 6” “Sorry 4 its school holidays today” waiting for moaning…. Yep there it is. She hates school holidays.

7.45 – quick check of what needs picking from the sales on eBay. Its coming up to the end of the month and you can tell. Sales always slow down. Now its 5’s turn to be told to not sit on the Jumperoo with 6. Only a few more minutes till I have to get Mr Rilly up so he can get ready go the unit. That means Social Network time 😀

7.49 – Oh no !!! I hear grunting. You know what that means? Nappy time again.

7.51 – Tears from 4 after slipping over, and now 3, 4, & 5 want a drink. I’ll grab a nappy while I am in there. There hasnt been any more grunting since.

7.58 – Huge hunt has just gone on for the wipes, I only had them 30 minutes ago, and the kids cups too, where do all these things hide?? well at least we have clean bums again now and 3, 4, & 5 have their drinks.

8.00 – 8.30  – time to start poking the sloths. 1 & 2 need to get up too, the cleaner is due at 9sih. I empty the dishwasher from last night and start filling it with the breakfast bits. Start a quick pick up already. The little ‘darlings’ have emptied the book box all over the floor. Then start the printer going now for the eBay bits.

NO 5 We do NOT draw all over our legs.


6 is getting tired. Lets pop him in his swing and see how long the others let him have…. (I think about 20 mins)

8.30 – 9.00 – Good Morning 2. I have just been and gotten dressed, Mr Rilly is awake, not quite functioning yet, but he is awake. Time to get the others dressed now while 6 sleeps.

I have gone to get the little ones their clothes. 3 & 4 dressed themselves, and 5 … well I will get around to 5 in a mo.

1 finally surfaced so I sent both boys back up again to find their floor before the cleaner comes.

Made me and Mr Rilly a brew. I think he is doing some crops on his Farmville, bless him. So I am gonna have a quick nosey around and see what I have missed in the last 15 mins. Its never much but I am a little obsessive. If I didnt have facebook or twitter I think I would be a curtain twitcher.

And the little ‘Darlings’ are emptying the book box AGAIN !!! Stuff it, they can stay out all day !!

9.00 – 9.30 – A lovely fight with the 2 girls to get their hair brushed, well after we found the hair brush anyway.

Oh Hello Mr Rilly.

Now 6 is stirring. Not too bad, he has had about 40 mins. Now its time to find his red book. The health Visitor is coming today between 10 & 12 to discuss weaning… Talk about sucking eggs.. Oh well, she is only doing her job. ‘Must be polite, Must be polite’

I have 6 red books, whats the betting I can find the other 5 before I find the one I need???

I need to find some paperwork out too. A guy from the council is coming. Although we are self employed we do get a little help towards the rent. So we have to prove we are who we are and all of that. So need to get that ready. They are due between 10 & 4.

I hope they dont both turn up at once… Now that would be a nightmare. better make sure I am organised just in case.

Now I am attempting to get organised with a baby on my hip. I still have got 5 dressed… ooops.

9.30 – 10.00 – Cleaner is here 🙂

Mr Rilly is in a mad rush now to get out of the house. He has got to take a few bits up to the unit too out of the way. All my bits of paper work is all ready now. Just the waiting game now. How I hate waiting

Ooo I know… Facebook & Twitter while I wait. And maybe another randomish blog while I am at it 😉

10.00 – 10.30 – Why can my children not walk. I can understand the babies doing it, but 2 is 10 years old now and zoooooooms around the house like its a race track, with no regard to people or items in his way.

1 is finally having breakfast. I think the cleaner has kicked him out of his room, otherwise I probably wouldnt see him until dinner time.

I think 6 has poo’d again. Damm this baby can cack !!!

All 6 kids are zoned out to watching Curious George. Lovely program and so calming.

4 is half naked already. She has left her skirt on the toilet floor. A very common occurrance. I am glad we have taught her to keep her school clothes on when she nips to the loo at school. I wonder if she has tried to leave them on the floor there??

Yep, 6 has poo’d … Off to get another nappy.

10.30 – 11.00 – Start of a mad 30 mins I think. So far we have had a 5 kid conga line, and a 5 kid pile on. 6 doesnt care, Mickey Mouse is on now.


And what always happens when there is fun and games?? Yep, it always goes one step too far. 1 is now on the stairs for kicking 2 in the chest. A 12 year old on the stairs hey.. Pah !!!


Still no Health Visitor. Oooo now I am a fibber. Just after I typed this she came. All is well in the world of weaning.

11.00 – 11.30 – 6 is having yet another nap. I really wish he would do it in one big go. Oh well never mind, a bit of hands free time now.

EEEEK Heart pounding moment then when I walk in and see 5 with my very expensive camera !!

11.30 – 12.00 – Knock Knock – Here comes the bloke from the council… No its a lady from the council… Ooops my bad. Why do they time these things for school holidays. 3, 4 & 5 decide to have a massive and very loud squabble, so that frightens 6 and he starts crying. I have paperwork flying all directions, the phone rings, I get a text too, and then Grandad pops in for the Makro card. Whips the kids up into a GRANDAD frenzy, all the while I am trying to keep my cool and listen to the very softly spoken, nice lady.
Yey, all is well though, just one tiny piece of paperwork I cant find, from a savings account we opened years ago and never use… Pffft 6 kids + savings do not go into a sentence together.

Finally peace is restored and its feeding time for one little man. Today he has sweet potato, onions, peppers and cauliflower… Yum Yum, maybe he will get to have his nap after his dinner.

12-00 – 12.30 – Mr Rilly comes back from the unit with todays items to post. Shouldnt take long to parcel up later.

I start to put dinner on, Cheesey pasta (as the kids call it) and garlic chicken, and while thats started I uploaded my 1st part of my Day in the Life blog, I hope people like it.

5 has done another wee on the potty while I was checking on dinner. 4 thought she would be helpful and see how many wipes she can fill up with wee… Yeah Thanks for that 4.

No idea what 3 was messing at in the kitchen, but Mr Rilly soon sorted them out with a little yell and a get out of the kitchen. Not quite Gordon Ramsey style, but then you cant with kids… can you??

6 is still sleeping thankfully

Fed ‘Dog’ the left overs from the chicken, that touched the sides honest.

Another little battle between 4 & 5, this time over a set of stools. These kids will fight over anything. Ooops 4 is on the stairs now for just walking up to 3 and bashing her on the head with her cuddly Dora doll.

Give me Strength !!!!

12.30 -1.00 – And here we go again. 3, 4 & 5 being noisy again have woken 6 up. So he is going to be cranky now. They have decided running in and out of the livingroom shouting LA LA LA LA is a fun game.

6 is having another go in his jumperoo. He is happy again now, especially now Mickey Mouse is back on.

Mmmmmm Can smell the garlic now, I am bloody starving.

Oh and for the record 5 STILL isnt dressed yet, and 6 is pooing again

Talking of 5, he is on the stairs now. He was kicking 4 and didnt stop when we told him to.

1.00 – 1.30 – Oooops nearly burnt dinner then, too busy blogging. Only takes a grand total of 10 mins for these monsters to clear through their dinners. Time to do the dishes and get some work done.

I will now leave the ‘Darling’ Demons to Mr Rilly now. I will be back soon

1.30 – 2.00 – Dishes have been done from dinner now. Time to get making packets and parcels.

While parceling up all I can here is “Quiet” “Leave it alone” “Stop messing”

and a fabulous well timed poo from 3 means Mr Rilly has to change her.. Yippeeeee

5 sacks I have had to do, but dont get excited, the airmail sacks only had a couple in. But thats the parcels done for today.

2.00 – 2.30 – YEY fireworks have arrived. Have you ever tried keeping 3 little ones off boxes of fireworks. It was only for 3 minutes while Mr Rilly cleared a safe area for them to go. 4 wanted to ‘measure’ them while 3 thought it would be fun to just bang on the box.

6 is finally napping again, fingers crossed he stays asleep for longer than 10 mins.

One question I get asked a million times a day and 5 times each time one of them asks and that is “Can I have something to eat?” Do I not feed them enough? Do they have hollow legs??

2.30 – 3.00 – Potty time again, please point it in the potty 5 !! YEY its a Poo !!! This is brilliant. He is finally getting there. Well done lil man 🙂 Happy Dance Happy Dance ( I wont do a photo this time :p )

Sending Mr Rilly out to get a Wii remote, he has BIIIIG plans for a Wii night. Oh well should be good for a laugh. I always lose.

5 is having a paddy now because Thomas the Tank engine isnt on. Damn that train !!! And now 6 is stirring again. Shhhhhhhh 5. Calm down hey.

2 is bored. So that means “I know lets wind the little ones up” which usually results in me yelling at him to calm down.

Finally a decent sit down. Do I go and make a brew or do I just sit?? I choose to just sit and enjoy doing nothing. A quick check on facebook and Twitter now before I start doing some listing.

3.00 – 3.30 – Kids have kicked into hyper mode again now. I think its time to find them something to do. Play Dough?? Nope… cant find it.. GRRR, How do you lose a huge box of play dough??

I did think colouring in… until I found this


Looks like they have already done some.

2 has gone around to Grandads house for a bit, and calm descends up on the little ones once more.

Phew that was close. Just stopped 5 from waking 6 up. 5 just stands there in front of the swing and stops it and then pokes 6, so as you can imagine we have lots of fun trying to stop him from doing that.

Finally the lil tyke is getting a decent nap.

Mr Rilly has text to say he is on his way back now, not taken him long thankfully. I will pop the kettle on again now. (and have a couple of paracetamol too)

Time to do some listing. Shhhh dont distract me now for at least half an hour…

BUGGER !!! 6 has woke up now. Typical !!

3.30 – 4.00  -Mr Rilly is back now and brew is made.

Arrrgghhhhhh Small meltdown from me then. The kids had moved my wireless mouse. I have a laptop but hate the mousepads, I hate the way the mouse bounces around the screen when I am typing so I use a proper mouse instead and turn the pad off.

Right anyway… Must do listing now. Shhhhh

Poor Mr Rilly is getting mugged by 3 & 5 while they are watching a movie. 6 is chattering away next to him and 4 keeps running off from the TV when it gets scary. They are only watching Ducktales.. LOL

Please stop yawning Mr Rilly, you are making me feel very tired.

Thats a little listing done. Time to feed 6 again. This time he has potato, carrots & mushroom. yum yum.

4.00-4.30 – Bad mummy has heated up 6’s food too much and now he is really moaning, OK 6 I am blowing it as fast as I can.

Mr Rilly is off in the kitchen to peel some potatoes for tea. Fish, Chips & Mushy Peas, Mr Rilly style.

Now I am left in here watching Ducktales on my own.. Typical again. I find this happens quite often to me, and not just with cartoons either. I often find I have sat and watched half a football game before realising I am sat on my own.

Get off 6’s walker please 4, get of NOW!!!  Again Mum has to shout before 4 will do as I ask.

Is it normal for 4 year olds to pester for make-up?? Not on your life little madam. You arent even going to shave your legs until you leave home.

Oooo lots of bidding activity going on now for my commission auctions this evening. I list for other people too if they want me to. I charge a nice simple 10% its not massive money but its more traffic into my shop so it kind of works out that way 🙂

3 is having a right good chatter on her phone. No idea what she is saying or who she is saying it to, but she is happy.

Another wee on the potty from 5. He has had shorts on ALL day and no accidents so far. This is the 1st time he has kept his bottom half covered, so its a massive achievement here.

4.30 – 5.00 – Better start having a quick tidy up so we can get the dinner table set. I would love a big dining area so we could leave the table out. Never mind though, at least we get to sit together and eat a meal.

Worst thing to do is give your talking kids a catalogue to look through. I am being pestered now every 30 seconds by loud excited exclamations of “MUM I NEEEEED THIS” and “I want this”

6 has poo’d again.

3 & 5 are running up and down again. I can see an accident happening. Oooops there he goes. 5 has gone skiding

Now 2, 3 & 4 are play fighting. I can see another accident happening if they are not careful.  5 has calmed down a bit and he is doing the catalogue shout now.

5.00 – 5.30 – Its not every day you get moaned at “Muuuuuuuum 2 is trying to trump at me” whines 4. OK so it is every day something like this goes on. Sometimes its trumps, sometimes bogies. Once we even had a “Muuuuuuuuuuum 2 said he is going to wee on me” this was 1 yelling, from the bottom bunk one night. Very hard to not laugh sometimes.

Biggest bug bear of my wonderful family… the volume. They get very very very loud. I dont know if all families are the same but mine can spend ages shouting and squealing. Now the little idiots are running around the table in circles… and yet another injury.

6 is in his swing for his pre-bedtime nap, hopefully long enough to eat my meal with 2 hands but that rarely happens, he isnt settling though. Too much yelling and shouting going on

Oh Thats Mr Rilly shouting, time to set the table and eat.

The little ones take it in turns to set the cutlery out, they do quite well really. 5 has a good go (he is only 2). Its 4’s turn today.

5.30 – 6.00 – Nope, 6 is not going to have his pre-bedtime nap. So looks like its one handed dinner time for me.


Yes so dinner is eaten one handed, while a semi naked 5 keeps sliding on and off his chair. 4 keeps wamdering off. 2 never eats quick enough, so he is last to finish.

While 1 clears the table I get the 1st bath ready… So close to bed time.

6.00 – 6.30 – I run a little bath for 6. He HATES the bath. So he isnt in there for long bless him. So while I dress him I run a deeper bubblier bath for 5. So proud of him today. Not one single accident. I am so pleased.

5 comes up for his bath and has a nice 10 minutes play. While he is doing that I have a play on my iPhone. I found my blog on there and … OH MY GOD NO!!! what the hell have I done?? I had only “Updated” an old draft of this blog and lost everything. Right Bad mood moment now !!!. I still have 2 baths to do, I could cry 😥

I know most normal mums bath kids together, but my kids are a nightmare. 3 HATES the bath too, she will kick and fight and scream. 4 & 5 love the bath so when its time to come out they will kick and fight and scream. Its much easier on their old mum if she does it one at a time. Plus this way its Bath, Bed, Bath, Bed, Bath, Bed.. you get the picture.

So while I bath 4, Mr Rilly feeds 6 his supper and gets him settled into bed.

Damn I could kick myself !!!

6.30 – 7.00 – Time to bath 3. Suck it up woman, get in there and battle the bath beast. OK so she isnt so bad as that, its only when I have to wash her hair. She has gotten better over the last few months. Now the job is to get her from the bathroom to her room without her waking 5 & 6 up. They are flat out already.

Yes we made it. 4 is still awake, but she is usually the last to go sleep anyway,

2 is tidying up down stairs. He is a good one bless him. I can hear 1 chatting away to one of his mates online, and Mr Rilly is playing a quick game on the Xbox now all the little ones are in bed.

So now I think… Please let there be an undo, please please PLEASE… so I google like a crazy woman and YES YES, I have found it. Huge sigh of relief. I am able to just carry on where I had left off earlier.

So moral of that story is… DONT MESS !!!

So now its nearly 7. 1 & 2 are playing on the consoles. They usually fall out a few times before we finally get fed up and send them to bed, but as seen as its holidays Mr Rilly wants us all to have a game on the consoles. So that will be me clock watching until I can continue with my blogging, and networking.

My commission auctions are about to start ending soon too so I will have to send invoices and other bits.

7.00 – 10.00 – First I get my butt whopped playing some crappy Fifa game, not got a clue what the controls are, 1 & 2 find it highly amusing though. Then of course its funny to then play Mario Kart and laugh at mum being last, apart from one race when I came 4th.. YEY ME. Then onto a stupid game of Mini Golf, Oh yeah that was a great idea. Guess where I come?? LOL Yeah last !

10.00 – 11.00 1 & 2 go off to bed and me and Mr Rilly catch up on some TV that we have plussed on sky. Our guilty pleasure, 4 Weddings.

11.00 – 12.00 Bath and bed for me too. Worn out now and ready for some sleep… 😉 😉 Finally time to catch some Z’s before it all starts again.

So there is a day in my life of being a work at home Mum of 6, during the school holidays. Yes they are busy, yes they are noisy and messy, and hell yes the lil buggers drive me crazy, but I love being a mum of a crazy bunch.

Whether you have 1 child or 10, every day can be just the same as mine, you just adapt. I deserve no medals for doing what every mum does every day, but every mum needs a well done and most of all “WE LOVE YOU MUM”

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