Rilly Random – Mmmmmm Beans on Toast

Rilly Random

Beans on toast hey. The classic of all quick dinner time meals. Loved by kids, devoured by grown ups.

Yet again though so many different ways of preparing and setting out the good ole classic.

Do you have the beans all over the toast or do you prefer to make a pool of beans and contain the flow with toast arranged on the outside?

Do any beans cut the grade, or is it just heinz?

Do you add anything to the beans to give them a little extra kick?

How many rounds of toast?? is it a nice careful 2, or a pigout 3 & 4??

I like my beans in a pool, neatly arranged toast (Mr Rilly made dinner today, he is not so particular on culinary neatness as me 😉 )


And Mr Rilly likes his beans ALL over.


How do you do yours?

Rilly Random