6 children

How Do You Find The Time??

Is a question I get asked a million times? 

The plain and simple of it, I don’t !! But I wouldn’t have it any other way. After having been out of work for some time, I soon realised I don’t like to sit around doing nothing. I have to be doing something. So when I was unable to work, due to PTSD, which is a whole different blog post, I started to eBay. It started off by just selling bits and bobs around the house, just like everyone else. I soon realised that I was finding it quite therapeutic too. I was interacting with people even if it was just on a virtual level, I liked that. I liked that I was good at it too. An opportunity came along where I was able to use some of the money I had made to buy more items to sell. From there RillyRoos started to grow. When it was getting too big for my bedroom, I knew I had to do something. 

We went off to get a storage locker, which then became two, then three, and an office. Before long, it was time to move into bigger pastures. We are now proud occupiers of a warehouse. 

But, this doesn’t answer the 1st question of ‘How do you find the time?’ 

As I have already said…. I don’t! 

I am up any time from 5.30 in the morning, some days I have a crafty snooze on the settee, and some days I just straight onto the PC to check the previous nights sales and answer any queries. Check emails and messages for potential clients etc, and then its time to get 4 out of the 6 fed & dressed ready for the day ahead and I often fall into bed at Midnight after finishing off bits & bobs from the day before. 

I have to say, if it wasn’t for Mr Rilly, I don’t think we would be as successful as we are now. He has given up his time and his career to be a stay at home dad, (Don’t tell him I said so, but he is pretty damn good at it) 

So there I am at the warehouse, 5 days a week, 8-9 hours a day, and I come home and often finish off little bits, or communicate with buyers and clients. And then BOOOOOM a new thing starts!! School event photography & Friends getting married and they know I have a love of photography, and its something I have wanted to try, so as a gift to them I have done their wedding photos, and I have to admit, I am pretty OK at it. Very proud of the shots (and thankfully so are the Brides & Grooms). Not only now do we have one business with 49 clients to sell for, in my spare time I do photography. 

I am not a wonder-woman, a supermom, or a career driven maniac, I am just a woman who likes to keep busy. 

Back to the question again…. How do I find the time?? I don’t, I MAKE the time. I enjoy what I do, I like being busy, I have a family that is supportive of the businesses, so its worth making that time for. 

And that’s the key, If you enjoy something, don’t just sit their moaning about not having the time to do it… MAKE the time to do it, what ever it may be. 


How Could I Love Another Baby As Much As You

There is nothing more magical that starting the journey of motherhood. You could never believe it possible to love another human being so much, having only just met them for the very first time, but you do. That wonderful moment when you hold your baby for the first time, and you watch their little face, you life couldn’t be any more perfect.

You watch this wonderful bundle of poop, sick and noise, grow. It toddles, it breaks things, it shouts really loud in public places, but you still smile with the tired smile of a mother, but with love pouring from your heart.

Next, whether it be planned or an happy accident, you find yourself pregnant again. You start off happy and excited to do it all over again. But, a little doubt, a little niggle creeps in. How on earth could I love another baby as much as I do for number 1?

I imagine it this way. 1st baby arrives and with it, it gives you a cake, the cake is how much you love your first baby, a whole cake full. The frosting is perfect, the aroma is intoxicating. This cake/love away from your first child? the reason for your being, the one who gave you this great big cake of motherhood love.

You cry, you wonder how, and the big day draws closer and closer, you keep looking at this cake and try different ways of splitting it between the 2 kiddies… 

But then, when baby comes, it comes with a huge suprise. It has its very own cake. Exactly the same size as the 1st cake, the design is different and the flavour is a little different too, but its just as perfect as the first. 

There is no sharing of love when it comes to your children, each child comes with its own cake, with its own frosting, and design. You may love all your children in their different ways, but if you could measure the cakes. They would all be exactly the same.

I feel very lucky to have 6 fabulous cakes. No wonder I am fat though 😉

2’s Science Project – Make a Plant Cell

If you have children that have just gone into secondary education, chances are they will come home with this project. Like any good parent you will be sitting with your 11/12 year old trying to decide how they should make their science project (without trying to do it yourself…LOL) 

We looked at loads of different ones, from jelly made, cake made, card & paper mache … Until Momma had a brainwave!!! 

I remembered seeing 5’s reception class TA making some of this awesome gloop and I have been dying to make some and this was my perfect excuse. 

Have you ever mixed cornflour & water??? It makes a fabulous solid gloop. The same stuff Jon Tickle added to the custard when he walked on it during an episode of Braniac. Solid when you impact it hard, but very gloopy if you slowly move your fingers around it. 

So this was the cytoplasm and the container was the cell wall. 2 then had to hunt around the cupboards for the extra parts. 

Here is what he came up with 

Plant Cell

Plant Cell


Simple, cheap, and totally ACE.

Well done 2 (and well done to the brainiest Mum ever… LOL)

Work at Home Mum

So what is it like being a work at home Mum?

Sometimes its a fabulous mixture of the best of both worlds. You don’t have to pay child care, you are making a living and you are watching the exciting stages of your children growing, you have the time to attend PTFA meetings, and special assemblies.

The hard part is trying to find that balance of home and work life. Its very easy to get distracted one way or another. Too much playtime with the kids results in not making money, and too much work time creates nightmare attention seeking brats. Getting snappy at the kids because they want you to read a book while you are on the phone with clients and customers isn’t professional or pleasant for the customer, and certainly not nice for the kids either. Don’t get me wrong I can get quite snappy myself when I am trying to be work busy, especially when deadlines need to be met, and 6 doesn’t stop crying, 5 has poo’d his pants, 4 is doodling on the walls, 3 is singing at the top of her voice and 1 & 2 are trying to kill each other, and this happens at some point every day… This is NOT a good time to be on the phone with the bank manager.

I have 2 at home all day, 1 in pre-school half day, and 3 in full time school. I try to get as much done work-wise as I can in the morning when there is just the 2 smaller ones home, and a little cross over in the afternoon. Until the little ones go bed there is no point in doing any serious ‘work’. These few hours are used up feeding, reading, and homework.

Then finally, its Mum & Dad time 🙂 best time of every day. When all the little angels are tucked up in bed and you can hear their soft little snores. When you peep in and see their sweet drooling faces and think “Awwwwww how lovely you are, my little precious beasts”

No … I am not mad..

“Awwww, is this your first?” I have been asked.

“No, my 6th” … now wait for it, here it comes

“are you mad?” “Don’t you have a telly?” ”

Oddly enough, no I am not mad, a little frazzled every now and then, but certainly not mad. Madness would be continuing to have children if I didnt really want them, but for some strange reason I actually like my kids. Yes its noisy, and its messy, and lots of hard work at times, but its wonderfully rewarding. The hustle and bustle is an attraction to some, they love our chaos.

And as for a TV, yes we do have a telly.

Another one I hear a lot is “You are finished now?? ” to which I can only reply… “more than likely” or “probably” and the occasional “I think so” Chances are if I had the opportunity to have another I would.

So when you are surprised  at someone in the supermarket that has slightly above the average number of children, think to yourself first… does this woman look crazy? The big chance is, no, she wont be crazy, just has a lot of love to give, and is happy to give it to her children.

Now the real madness sets in when you are trying to run your business and toddlers start to chew on your accounts, and the older infants start to ‘Help’ by folding (but we know its just rolling) your wares, but that is a topic for another time