Rhymes with Rilly

Day 4 is going to be my pathetic attempt at writing a little made up something. You never know, through the year I may even start to improve, or not 😉

Here goes, just a teeny little poem

I am Rilly,
And I am feeling a little silly,
But at least now you can say
You have learned something today
That when making rhyming words like hilly
They sound the same as Rilly

*because far too many think it sounds like Riley, but no, Rilly is like hilly, silly, billy 🙂

Takes a bow…. thank you. There really is no end to my talents 🙂


Putting on Jeans – Silly Comic

Day 3, is to be something funny, so I found the inspiration for this post whilst I was getting dressed this morning… OMG the energy and effort I must have used just to climb in and fasten my jeans….

So just to make it a little more amusing for you I actually drew a picture.

Please, nor screaming for autographs, I know I am an amazing artist *Cough*


This is me in the morning trying to put on freshly washed jeans !!

This is me in the morning trying to put on freshly washed jeans !!

So first its the wiggle, then the grapple, followed by the muffin, and finally we always have to do the sumo 😉

I-Spy Rilly Style

Oooo day one of my personal 365 blogging challenge, and I am starting on an easy one… My Family

Now, one of the most stressful things we have to do as a larger family, is waiting. It doesnt matter where it is, or how long it takes, waiting is very stressful with 6 kids trying to run in a million directions or wanting to pull each others hair out. If you have ever tried to keep water in a sieve using jelly, thats what it is like waiting in line with 6 kids.

This is a great way to get their attention and get them concentrating on something other than what they shouldnt be doing.

I-Spy !!

“But my child is only 2, they dont know what letters are”

Yes, this is a problem for traditional I-Spy, but not Rilly Style.

“I-Spy, with my little eye, something that is YELLOW”

Its a great way to teach little ones colours, and looking at the world around them too. From there you can move onto shapes. 6 (who is nearly 3) loves looking for shapes, and he is getting pretty good at it too. 5 who is in reception, we started using his letter sounds at the start of the school year. “I-Spy with my little eye, something that starts with CH” you could see his little brain buzz as he is saying out the letter sounds of the world around him.

The best one has to be our favourite ‘Oh darn here we are in the denist waiting room again with 6 kids’ game. Most waiting rooms have posters on the wall, and our dentists has LOADS of them. This one entertains the readers “I-Spy with my little eye, the word TEETH” the kids then have to scour the posters for the right poster and point out the word. Its funny watching other folks in the waiting room with us trying desperately not to join in, but you can see them looking for the word too (Just so you know, if you ever see a family of 8 staring at posters in a waiting room looking for random words, you are welcome to join in)

I-Spy is the oldest game in the book, but you can make it work for all ages.

So next time you are in a queue and you spot the signs of the kids starting to get restless, invite them in to an age appropriate game of I-Spy 🙂

RillyRoos Blog Your Heart Out.

I have never really been a big Meme type blogger, I know I should really, but I am far to unreliable to get mixed up in things.

But then PinkOddy tagged me in the Blog Your Heart Out thingy, so I had to oblige (Mwah, loves ya really Oddballs 😉 )

'Big Blue Eyes'

‘Big Blue Eyes’

Who/What encouraged you to start blogging?

I have to say it was my nominator. I have always been a chatty online sort, and I do have lots that I normally talk about, so decided to have a go. It has taken me some times but I do enjoy having the space and the freedom to come and add my bit to the world wide web of crappy information and topics

Professor Plum, in the library with the boot

Professor Plum, in the library with the boot

How did you choose what topics to blog about?

Well, thats been a journey in itself. I tried to start off being a family blog, then I started my business so I set up a separate blog for that, and then I started photography too so set up yet another blog for that as well. I was running myself thin, and not doing a very good job on either blog, so after lots of deliberation and realisation, I merged them all into one again and here they all are. My family work fun with photos

Day 100

Day 100

What is something most people don’t know about you?

Erm… Thats a tough one, if people checked my answers for all my Rilly Randoms on facebook they would know everything from my bra size to how I like my cup of tea. So I guess if I said I wasnt really a self employed mum of six photographer but I was in fact a balding 57 year old man who still lives with his old dear mother and sleeps with a stuffed cat called moggy, would that be OK and add mystery again?

Day 48  Dont Drink & Drive

Day 48
Dont Drink & Drive

What three words describe your style?

Eclectic, Varied, Random

Day 109

What do you love to do when you are not blogging?

Ideally I would much prefer to be doing nothing…. But there is fat chance of that. So instead I eBay (business, and yes I do love it) I photo random things, and I do like cooking too, but only get chance at weekends, I supose I have to add ‘Spending time with the family’ I dont want to sound like one of those evil non-mom types 😉


Hmmmmmm who to tag now… I tag Sarah, Nicola & Catherine

Its Only a Simple Courtesy…

Dear eBay Buyer,

I understand that you fall quickly in love with us and our things, and I understand that you want to get it before someone else gets it. But I would really like it if you changed your mind and didn’t want us or our things anymore that you would just say something. I dont mind, I love you eBay Buyer. You make my world go round, and I would be so happy to help you as much as I can, but I don’t understand why you would just leave me hanging, or ignore my pleas for you to just talk to me.

Remember when you bought something before and then your dog got ran over? so you contacted me to say you can’t pay as you were too devastated? I was sympathetic and cancelled the sale with some sweet words of condolences too, or there was the time when you simply didn’t read the description right and you changed your mind? Again I said OK, and cancelled the sale. I don’t mind what excuse you use, I will always forgive you and I will always be kind and whisper sweet nothings in your ear. After all I do love you, and you fill my paypal with your love.

I love it when you are happy, it fills my heart when I see your lovely messages on my feedback. When you say how lovely the item is, or how fast it arrived. But then it breaks my heart when out of the blue you slag me off to all of our friends and say mean things without saying anything to me first. I know I cant always make you happy, and sometimes what you are expecting doesnt always measure up to what comes into your life, but say something to me, dont bottle it up inside and assume I am out to ruin your life, there is no need to be angry and mouth off on our feedback. Talk to me first. I am nice, I can sometimes help too. Nothing makes me feel better about what I do for you, than making you smile at the end of the day. Thats what makes you come back to me again and again.

So please my Darling eBay Buyer, I love you and I just want you to love me too. I want you to tell me what hurts so I can make it better, I want you to tell me you no longer what to go through with it and you have changed your mind. I am patient, I can wait for you, I can wait for when the time is right for you. All I ask is that same courtesy too.

I hope you love me as much as I love you, and I hope that we can build our relationship with better communications from us both.

Take care my sweet darling eBay Buyer

All my Love


*This is based on a common problem for sellers. Non paid items (I have had 30!! yes 30 this week, and when buyers jump straight to leaving bad feedback, rather than communication their issues first. Buyers and Sellers need to have an understanding relationship in order to make things work for us all.*

Photo Scrabble

One of my little photo faves at the moment is playing with Scrabble tiles.

They are so versatile (no pun intended)

Here are some examples of my Photo Scrabbles



Families Love

Families Love


And my personal favourite ….


RillyRoos eBay ;)

RillyRoos eBay 😉




Left Over Fruit Cake – Budget Recipes

Left Over Fruit Cake

Left Over Fruit Cake


A nice simple cake using left over fruits. Slightly over ripe fruits are perfect for this. Saves throwing away and wasting it anyway.

10oz Self Raising Flour
a pinch of salt
1/2 teaspoon of Ground Cinnamon
4oz Butter
4oz Soft Brown Sugar
2-3 Pieces of fruit
2 Eggs
Splash of Milk
and a sprinkle of Caster sugar


1. Grease your tin and pre heat over to 375 or gas mark 4

2. Sift flour, salt & cinnamon together in a large bowl. Rub in the butter and add the brown sugar

3. Peel and core the fruit, slice/dice into small pieces, and add to the mixture

4. Beat the eggs and add the splash of milk (you can add an extra little splash if the mixture doesnt stick together right) The mixture should look like a big sticky ball.

5. Add to the greases tin and bake for about an hour 25, or until firm, or when skewered the skewer comes up clean

6. Turn onto a cooling rack and sprinkle with a little caster sugar.

7. when cool, make a nice cuppa, slice cake, and spread on a little butter.

8. Put up feet and enjoy


My Multiple Layers of My Internet Personalities

There are some right internet whores out there arent there? I know, because I am one of them. I am all over the web. I have blogs, ebay, pinterest, instagram, facebook, twitter and a few other places I dont use often.

What do these areas say about me, and even you?

Facebook is ego, your id personality. The personality I want everyone to see and like, the personality that gives glimpses of my true personality. Parts of me thats show my taste in music, my sense of humour, and even our darker sides that speak with anger (Especially when I go on about politics), thoughtlessness and envy.

What about my blogs? What part of my personality do my blogs represent? Is it the more inward thinking and the reasons for who I am that I blog about, the need to reach and show the under layer of myself, opening myself up for scrutiny, comments, and indifference?

Pinterest… Oh I love pinterest !!! I would waste hours of there dreaming of what I think I could do. This is my wannabe world. I would love to create some of the gorgeous furniture tutorials, create the little house decor crafts. I guess Pinterest shows my desire, my wants, my lust even.


Instagram? I have only just started using instagram again in the #100happydays challenge, and although I normally take photos with Mr Nikon, I do like to use my phone for instagram. Like is a little window into my world that I am letting you peek through.

What about you?

Are you a soul sharer? an internet whore? is the worst thing you can do is google your name? I know for me, every part says something more about who I am. So if you find me somewhere out there in the World Wide Web, Then I was there for a reason at some point 😉

I hate waste

When I am listing, I am always happy to list things with an odd mark or with an odd repairable fault, some people are on the lookout for playwear for kids or are able to fix things themselves, so can pick up awesome bargain.
So what to do with the scraps of fabric I have thave lying around in various piles?
I tried to sell them on ebay to crafters, but with no luck. I have googled I  pinterested loads of craft ideas for myself to try, but I dont ever have the time. Its a shame to let it go to waste.

I love wasting what little time I have though by looking through pinterest, there are some amazing craft ideas there. Sadly I know my attempts would end up on ‘NAILED IT’ or on pinterest fails. Maybe I should give myself some time to actually try 😉

If you would like a free for postage bag (approx 1kg maxiumum postage cost of £2.40 uk only) of old clothing items to chop up and create with, drop me a line at sales@rillyroos.co.uk I will add you to a mailing list and get some bits sent out to you. Or if you are after a particular clothing item to upcycle, message me too and I will see what I have.

Happy crafting.
Lorra love
RillyRoos at http://www.rillyroos.co.uk

Self Employed Mums – Hop Stitch Jump – With Catherine Knowles.

This is a fantastic and very unique product from Catherine, I am sure you will enjoy getting to know about her business and what it is all about

Who are you? 

I’m Catherine, although like most of us, I answer just as readily to ‘Mummy’! I’m 35 and have a real love of stripes and rainbows, and a penchant for wearing a false moustache! I’m mummy to Beatrix, Jasper and Abel, and wife to Paul.

Gorgeous Creation from Hop Stitch Jump

Gorgeous Creation from Hop Stitch Jump

What do you do?

I make pretty things! More specifically, I make fabric keepsakes and gifts. My business is called Hop Stitch Jump and my signature work is Doodlebroidery, which involves transforming children’s drawings into wall art using freemotion embroidery.  There are no fancy computer programs involved; I use a regular domestic sewing machine and have a very keen eye!

Why did you start?

Before parenthood, I was pretty much defined by my career as a teacher. Like all teachers, I worked really hard, long days and committed myself to the job and my students. I went back to work full time after my daughter was born, but returning to the classroom was far more difficult than I expected and I felt as though I wasn’t being the best mother, wife or teacher I could be. At the same time, the school I worked in underwent radical changes in management structure and it was clear that its ethos was becoming increasingly removed from my own picture of the ideal, and so it became a little easier to plan to take some time out of teaching and concentrate on my family. After I had my second child, the rainy day fund was hit by a downpour and I started looking at new ways to save money. Hop Stitch Jump began with me making presents for friends’ children as a way to cut back on spending and quite literally snowballed from there.

How fabulous is this??

How fabulous is this??

Do you enjoy what you do?

I *love* working with the amazing masterpieces that little artists create, and I feel very privileged to be able to share an insight into their beautifully creative minds! I try really hard to stay as true to the original drawing as possible. If I’m honest, I’m more concerned that the children are happy with my finished work than the parents who pay me for the commission!

Have you always wanted to be self employed or is it something you have just worked your way into? How do you work it around children and family life?

My dad has always been self employed and I spent my late teens in our busy family newsagent’s shop and family pub, so I was well aware of the hard work involved in working for yourself! From first qualifying as a teacher, I never considered that I would do anything different, so I suppose I expected that I would always be an employee. I do think that being around so many people who ran their own businesses gave me the confidence to give it a whirl when the time came, though!

My children are six, four and almost two, so my days are filled with three school runs, playgroups, clubs and classes and all the usual housey chores and distractions. I work in the evenings and at weekends, which is great for the most part as it means I am always around for the children, although at my busiest times I find it hard having to miss out on weekend fun with the family and often go for weeks without sitting on my sofa!

Awww so cute, How special!!

Awww so cute, How special!!

Is your partner supportive?

My husband has been wonderful and has spent more than his fair share of evenings covered in stuffing and cutting out pattern pieces! There have been times when I’ve expected him to say it’s time for me to return to the classroom and start earning some ‘proper’ money again, but he has been brilliant!

WOW, What little girl wouldnt love this?

WOW, What little girl wouldnt love this?

Where can people find you?

I’m most active on Facebook at Hop Stitch Jump Facebook Page but people can also drop me a line at catherine@hopstitchjump.co.uk or contact me through the fabulous Created In Yorkshire shop in The Ridings, Wakefield.