Hi, I am Rilly


I am Rilly. I am 38 years old, married and a mother of 6 (sometimes) adorable children. I call them 1,2,3,4,5 & 6 for short, in the internet world anyway, although on occasion when I have been unable to recall their name, their designated number does sometimes pop in there. *Blush*

I have been married to Mr Rilly for 17 years, sometimes it feels much longer, but we mostly have a great laugh and are a fantastic support for each other. We have been through some ups and downs, and speaking of Downs, one of our ups was when 3 was born, 3 has Downs Syndrome and complex heart defects. I am not a moaner, or have a big sob story (OK we do but I dont harp on about it all the time) I do like to share some of 3’s successes from time to time.

In my busy schedule I am also a business woman and run a very busy and successful eBay shop. We sell anything an everything that crosses our path, we would even sell you if you sat still long enough 😉

In my ‘Free’ time *Stiffling a hysterical chuckle* I am an avid photographer, I will also be sharing pictures here too.

So yes, its a mix up of family, business & photography blog. I hope I manage to keep enough balance to interest you all at some point.

You can find me on facebook right here on  RillyRoos

Or follow me on Twitter, I think my little widget box is floating about somewhere….

Thanks for reading, sharing and commenting is always welcomed.



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