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Left Over Fruit Cake – Budget Recipes

Left Over Fruit Cake

Left Over Fruit Cake


A nice simple cake using left over fruits. Slightly over ripe fruits are perfect for this. Saves throwing away and wasting it anyway.

10oz Self Raising Flour
a pinch of salt
1/2 teaspoon of Ground Cinnamon
4oz Butter
4oz Soft Brown Sugar
2-3 Pieces of fruit
2 Eggs
Splash of Milk
and a sprinkle of Caster sugar


1. Grease your tin and pre heat over to 375 or gas mark 4

2. Sift flour, salt & cinnamon together in a large bowl. Rub in the butter and add the brown sugar

3. Peel and core the fruit, slice/dice into small pieces, and add to the mixture

4. Beat the eggs and add the splash of milk (you can add an extra little splash if the mixture doesnt stick together right) The mixture should look like a big sticky ball.

5. Add to the greases tin and bake for about an hour 25, or until firm, or when skewered the skewer comes up clean

6. Turn onto a cooling rack and sprinkle with a little caster sugar.

7. when cool, make a nice cuppa, slice cake, and spread on a little butter.

8. Put up feet and enjoy



Budget Pudding – Cornflake Tart

Nothing like a cheap budget tart to help those penny pinching months before the big spend at Christmas 😉

Mmmmm Cornflake Tart

Cornflake Tart

Cornflake Tart



You can buy a pack of Short crust pastry, or Look online and make your own  

115g Golden Syrup
85g Cornflakes (which we only had 65g of, so added 20g of choco flakes)
55g Butter
25g Dark brown soft sugar (I just used caster though)
1 pinch of salt
100g strawberry jam.

Cook the pastry in a quiche dish, doing the whole laying with foil and dried beans thing. Dont make Mr Hollywood moan about your soggy bottom, well not unless you want him too…. Ooooo

While pastry is cooking start the filling

Melt the sugar, butter, syrup & salt in a pan
When melted mix in the cornflakes.

When the base is done, slightly warm the jam and spread along the pastry base.
Add the cornflake mixture and then bake for another 5 mins, or wait until almost ready for eating and bake then.

Its just that simple, and cheap too. I had all the ingredients in the cupboards already so it was really a cheap budget pudding.

Serve with ice cream or custard.

Not Normally a Foodie Blogger, But….

… I have a little time this weekend to grab my camera to take some pics.

Plus for some reason my cupboards seem to be down to basics too. No spuds, no bread or sandwich fillers, no bacon 😮 !!! no diced chicken, whats going on??

So rummaging through the cupboards, fridge & freezer this is what I came up with…

Beef Paella Rilly Style

Beef Paella Rilly Style

Beef Paella Rilly Style

1. Cook the rice in a beef stock

2 Start to fry onions, peppers & garlic (all frozen for times like this when the fresh has all run out 😉 )

3. Once sizzled, add the beef (This time it was 3 beef steaks I found frozen in the freezer, sliced & diced) & season

4. Stir in the cooked rice with a little extra stock. Add peas & carrots.

And serve.

This meal got 4 out of 8 on the Family Taste Test.
The 4 that liked it, loved it enough for 2nds 😉

2 Mini Time Saver Foods

You know when you have the fiddly little potatoes left in the bottom of the Veggie Tray and peeling them is just a chore you don’t want to do.

You don’t really have to peel them.

This is what I do, I just slice them, deep fry (because I am bad like that) season and serve. We call them ‘Chippos’ 😉

Mmmmm Chippos.  Season & Serve. They have a lovely earthiness to the flavour

Mmmmm Chippos.
Season & Serve. They have a lovely earthiness to the flavour

2nd time saver.

Just a nice simple Pasta dish, can be served with anything.

Pasta, garlic, butter & cheese. That is it.

1 cook pasta

2 melt butter

3 add Garlic

4 mix together

5 add cheese



Garlic Cheesey Pasta, Garnished with the Wild Garlic flower we have in the garden

Garlic Cheesey Pasta, Garnished with the Wild Garlic flower we have in the garden


Chocolate Loopy Puffs

I found myself in a dilemma this morning when I voiced my wonderful idea of making Rice Krispie cakes with the kids, but alas, no Rice Krispies. So I looked for the alternative Corn Flakes and we didn’t have any of those either !!

OH NO !!!

“But Muuuuuuuum” I hear in that high pitched wailing screech that 5 year olds do best.

Never fear though my little minions, mummy has a plan.

Those Sugar Puffs that have been in the cupboard since Xmas, and the Honey Hoops I seem to have 4 boxes of, left over Easter eggs and some golden syrup come to the rescue.

I have created …

Chocolate Loopy Puffs !!! 

Chocolate Loopy Puffs

Chocolate Loopy Puffs

Rilly Random – Mmmmmm Beans on Toast

Rilly Random

Beans on toast hey. The classic of all quick dinner time meals. Loved by kids, devoured by grown ups.

Yet again though so many different ways of preparing and setting out the good ole classic.

Do you have the beans all over the toast or do you prefer to make a pool of beans and contain the flow with toast arranged on the outside?

Do any beans cut the grade, or is it just heinz?

Do you add anything to the beans to give them a little extra kick?

How many rounds of toast?? is it a nice careful 2, or a pigout 3 & 4??

I like my beans in a pool, neatly arranged toast (Mr Rilly made dinner today, he is not so particular on culinary neatness as me 😉 )


And Mr Rilly likes his beans ALL over.


How do you do yours?

Rilly Random

Rilly Random – Cheese on Toast, How do you do yours?

Todays Rilly Random

Its mad how many different ways cheese on toast can be made.

Now personally for myself I like to gently toast one side of the bread, turn over and add the nice bog standard grated cheddar cheese (mild not mature) and melt, just until its gently bubbling, and the edges of the bread starts to toast. Topped with a single thin ‘0’ od sauce and then spread with a knife.

Mr Rilly makes his completely different. He likes to put the sliced cheese onto the bread, and then melt under the grill. He likes the cheese to bubble away and just start to turn brown and the toast edges burn. Topped with loads of sauce.

I do on occasion like to add either a slice of tomato on the top, or a few slithers of onion. Never at the same time though.


I have heard of other ways that people cook their cheese on toast, like toasting both sides and then adding the cheese, or melting the cheese first and then spread it on.

Just a simple thing like cheese on toast can be so complex and diverse.

So humour me…

How do you cook your cheese on toast??

Rilly Random

This is how some of my friends do it…

Cheese on Toast, How do you do yours?

Rilly Random – Red Sauce or Brown Sauce?

Rilly Random

Red sauce (or Tomato sauce) is my favourite of the 2.

My 5 points of Red Sauce

  1. My favourite thing to have with red sauce has got to be a bacon and egg sarnie… Nom Nom Nom.
  2. Sometime the cheaper brands actually taste nicer than the leading brands, I like Asdas own, not the mega cheap one, the next one up. I think Daddys red sauce tastes a bit weird
  3. Have you noticed those little sachet things, there is never enough in one and some cafes are so stingy that you have to pay 10p for one little squirt of sauce. Its not on at all.
  4. As a family of 8, we get through one large bottle of red sauce a week. I swear my kids drink it when I am not looking.
  5. Red sauce is a nightmare to clean out of carpets
My 5 points of Brown Sauce
  1. Its brown, and its not gravy.
  2. What flavour is it anyway?? Its not brown flavour for a start
  3. I dont think I have ever purchased a bottle of brown sauce in my life
  4. It smells funny
  5. Its yukky

So which is your favourite and why??