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I’m a Little Teapot

How gorgeously cute is this lil fella.

I cant help but sing the nursery rhyme when I see it.

This was sent in from Client 78, and it comes with no makers mark or anything.

It doesnt stop it from being totally fab though.


To buy this little cutie visit RillyRoos


Do Baby Clothes Makers Even Have Kids??

Apart from the obvious “why do baby jeans have pockets?” my particular gripe is about something much more fiddley. I am sure there are alternative solutions to this particular problem.

In my opinion its fairly obvious that they have never tried to dress an octopus in a net bag, or fasten clothes onto Rapunzel

Do you want to see my gripe??

THIS is my gripe

THIS is my gripe


Just look at the size of the button to the size of the loop !! Seriously !!

I have spent the last 15 years pinning kids down whilst faffing around at the back of their necks trying my hardest to shove a massive button into a tiny hole.

Then to make it more fun clothes designers decide to do this

Silly shaped buttons

Silly shaped buttons


And that is a relatively tame shape. Some are just so awkward they have to have a whole new shaped button hole for it.


But that isnt it…. Designers also like to do this on little girls clothes…


Fabric covered buttons !!

Fabric covered buttons !!


So not only do you have teeny loops, and silly shapes, you now have fabric covered buttons that attract stray hairs from wriggling girls and you end up fastening a chunk of hair into the loop as well.


So please, designers of clothes. Think a little more about us poor mothers who can spend 5 mins messing about trying to fasten each button, while being screamed at, and kicked. We do have other things we need to get on with. Oh and if they are completely necessary, at least make the hole big enough… Thank you



Signed Stoke City Shirt

Day 5 is something about work.

I think the best thing I can talk about tonight is a recent item I have listed, which is a signed Stoke City Shirt.



Giff, I love you Man, P Hoekstra

Giff, I love you Man, P Hoekstra

Click here to see the item on eBay 

There is loads of signed memorabilia out there, but sometimes one crosses your path that has a little story behind it.

This Stoke City Shirt is signed by the retired Dutch footballer, Peter Hoekstra
He played for Stoke City around 2001-2004
He was voted as one of the best Stoke players to have played at the Britannia Stadium. (Back in 2008 anyway)

While Hoekstra was at Stoke City, ‘Giff the kitman’ was there too
This is who the shirt was originally signed for

It simply reads

“Giff, I love you Man

P. Hoekstra”

The shirt is now being sold to raise funds for a small pre-school to help kit out their new classroom. Smylers Preschool. Its the same pre-school that all my children have been to.

Putting on Jeans – Silly Comic

Day 3, is to be something funny, so I found the inspiration for this post whilst I was getting dressed this morning… OMG the energy and effort I must have used just to climb in and fasten my jeans….

So just to make it a little more amusing for you I actually drew a picture.

Please, nor screaming for autographs, I know I am an amazing artist *Cough*


This is me in the morning trying to put on freshly washed jeans !!

This is me in the morning trying to put on freshly washed jeans !!

So first its the wiggle, then the grapple, followed by the muffin, and finally we always have to do the sumo 😉

RillyRoos Blog Your Heart Out.

I have never really been a big Meme type blogger, I know I should really, but I am far to unreliable to get mixed up in things.

But then PinkOddy tagged me in the Blog Your Heart Out thingy, so I had to oblige (Mwah, loves ya really Oddballs 😉 )

'Big Blue Eyes'

‘Big Blue Eyes’

Who/What encouraged you to start blogging?

I have to say it was my nominator. I have always been a chatty online sort, and I do have lots that I normally talk about, so decided to have a go. It has taken me some times but I do enjoy having the space and the freedom to come and add my bit to the world wide web of crappy information and topics

Professor Plum, in the library with the boot

Professor Plum, in the library with the boot

How did you choose what topics to blog about?

Well, thats been a journey in itself. I tried to start off being a family blog, then I started my business so I set up a separate blog for that, and then I started photography too so set up yet another blog for that as well. I was running myself thin, and not doing a very good job on either blog, so after lots of deliberation and realisation, I merged them all into one again and here they all are. My family work fun with photos

Day 100

Day 100

What is something most people don’t know about you?

Erm… Thats a tough one, if people checked my answers for all my Rilly Randoms on facebook they would know everything from my bra size to how I like my cup of tea. So I guess if I said I wasnt really a self employed mum of six photographer but I was in fact a balding 57 year old man who still lives with his old dear mother and sleeps with a stuffed cat called moggy, would that be OK and add mystery again?

Day 48  Dont Drink & Drive

Day 48
Dont Drink & Drive

What three words describe your style?

Eclectic, Varied, Random

Day 109

What do you love to do when you are not blogging?

Ideally I would much prefer to be doing nothing…. But there is fat chance of that. So instead I eBay (business, and yes I do love it) I photo random things, and I do like cooking too, but only get chance at weekends, I supose I have to add ‘Spending time with the family’ I dont want to sound like one of those evil non-mom types 😉


Hmmmmmm who to tag now… I tag Sarah, Nicola & Catherine

Its Only a Simple Courtesy…

Dear eBay Buyer,

I understand that you fall quickly in love with us and our things, and I understand that you want to get it before someone else gets it. But I would really like it if you changed your mind and didn’t want us or our things anymore that you would just say something. I dont mind, I love you eBay Buyer. You make my world go round, and I would be so happy to help you as much as I can, but I don’t understand why you would just leave me hanging, or ignore my pleas for you to just talk to me.

Remember when you bought something before and then your dog got ran over? so you contacted me to say you can’t pay as you were too devastated? I was sympathetic and cancelled the sale with some sweet words of condolences too, or there was the time when you simply didn’t read the description right and you changed your mind? Again I said OK, and cancelled the sale. I don’t mind what excuse you use, I will always forgive you and I will always be kind and whisper sweet nothings in your ear. After all I do love you, and you fill my paypal with your love.

I love it when you are happy, it fills my heart when I see your lovely messages on my feedback. When you say how lovely the item is, or how fast it arrived. But then it breaks my heart when out of the blue you slag me off to all of our friends and say mean things without saying anything to me first. I know I cant always make you happy, and sometimes what you are expecting doesnt always measure up to what comes into your life, but say something to me, dont bottle it up inside and assume I am out to ruin your life, there is no need to be angry and mouth off on our feedback. Talk to me first. I am nice, I can sometimes help too. Nothing makes me feel better about what I do for you, than making you smile at the end of the day. Thats what makes you come back to me again and again.

So please my Darling eBay Buyer, I love you and I just want you to love me too. I want you to tell me what hurts so I can make it better, I want you to tell me you no longer what to go through with it and you have changed your mind. I am patient, I can wait for you, I can wait for when the time is right for you. All I ask is that same courtesy too.

I hope you love me as much as I love you, and I hope that we can build our relationship with better communications from us both.

Take care my sweet darling eBay Buyer

All my Love


*This is based on a common problem for sellers. Non paid items (I have had 30!! yes 30 this week, and when buyers jump straight to leaving bad feedback, rather than communication their issues first. Buyers and Sellers need to have an understanding relationship in order to make things work for us all.*

Hobbies & Pastimes

One of my favourite hobbies is photography.  The fab thing about having so many things around me is I get a huge choice of what to photograph.

Here are some of my favourite pictures that I have used stock for in my Photo a Day challenge



Listed here on my eBay

Cute Shoes

Cute Shoes

Woven Bag

Woven Bag

Listed Here


Such a fabulous variety of things to photo. I love my job

Lifestyle or Niche or Both?

I have just read a fantastic, or should I say a ‘Fabulous‘ blog about the various different blogs and what they mean. I was looking to see where I fall, I have 3 blogs. One for Business, one for photography and this one which seems to be all the left over bits. My problem is, am I spreading myself too thin? Should I concentrate on just one blog and have everything in there, or do I keep everything separate.
Its a shame really because this is the blog that gets left out because I dont know what to blog about sometimes… LOL

Is my family life really that exciting? I am not a super mum, I am not crafty, and I have no patience with the kids making a mess everywhere every single day… So what pearls of wisdom do I have to offer the world of blogging. How to screech really loud ? or Busting the Bedtime Butts maybe?

I offer some time saving recipes, and my odd random inspirational craft exercise, I dont do overly personal, I am not one to pour my heart out about an arguement I had with Mr Rilly (not that we do argue anyway)

I think we are a humorous family, we have lots of in jokes and crazy quirks just like all families. Maybe this is what I should blog, Rilly and the Crazy Mini Rillys.. LOL

Do you ever feel the same? Do you always know what you are going to blog about? or do you just wing it and blog anything? Where does your blog fall?

Its quite interesting really to see the variety of bloggage there is.

Keeping Track

“How do you keep track of everything?”

“I would end up losing stuff”

Yes, it can be easy to lose things when you have lots of stock. But this is where ‘Stock management’ comes into it. All warehouses use similar methods. Each item has its own place to go, that place to go is numbered, and the item is assigned to that number.




So like above, each hanger has its own number, which are then put in order. The nifty part is how do I know what is on each hanger …

On eBay you can create a ‘Custom Label’ column. In here you can add your own ‘Location’ number



And thats how you keep track of everything 🙂

Great Times for RillyRoos

We have worked and worked so hard this last 12 months that we have sort of cramped ourselves in.

This is a little sample of what we have been trying to work in



Just look at all that stock squeezed in. How scary is that? You imagine trying to pick from it too. Thankfully 20 years of warehouse experience between us both has coped and everything although is in chaos, is actually numbered and located specifically.

I remember the early days when we only had a few bits and bobs, check out these pics from Memory Lane



The top one was from when we first moved in, we didnt even have a rail… Awwwwww

Then we started to fill up, not only with our stock, but other peoples eBay piles, and other peoples lockers we bought from them, and people just wanting a quick cash price to be rid of the mess.

This is the new joy we have to fill… I wonder how long it will take??



Time for an adventure
Rilly Roo Rahhhh

So glad you are all joining us on this fabulous journey