Struggles of a Business Mum

A dream for a lot of people is to find a way to work for themselves. The thought of making their own hours around the family is one of the key points of why we strive to do it. What no one sees though is the hours and hours busy business mums out there, put into their work.

No self employment is easy. Whether it is Avon, photography, or making things yourself to sell. Its hard work.

You eat, sleep and breathe your work, and while you do that you are helping to maintain the family flow. I know I am very lucky to have an amazing husband who runs around after the children, especially in the holidays, so I can still come to work and get my jobs done. But not all Business Mums have that support. Maybe their husbands work too, maybe they are single parents.

There seems at times, that as mums and business owners, we have to live up to this ideal of being a super hero. Mainly its what we do to our selves, and instead of saying “I AM KNACKERED, I NEED A BREAK” we tend to bury our heads further into work. People see us working and working and think that we are doing so well, but in reality we may be struggling to balance figures, or struggling to get the sales, or just simply struggling with our own brains and bodys. Add the hormonal swings of PMS, and then for a week (or 2) every month the best of planning goes out of the window when the jelly brain sets in.
You go home and you want to cry. Your partner, your kids all wonder what the heck is going on and that makes you worse……

This has been me for the last 6 months. Especially with how fickle eBay has been over the last 18 months. The Cassini best match search, and keywords, promotions and java scripts… Every time they change something it kills my listings. I can list millions, but if it doesnt get seen I cant sell it.

But every time they change I have to spend weeks getting things right so I am not listing. If I am not listing I am not selling.

Its a huge chaotic cycle. The only bonus is, its not just me, thousands of other sellers are affected each time too.

I feel awful for my clients. They are relying on me to list for them, and I feel the pressure of that sometimes. Not that any of them are ever mean about it… LOL They are all lovely really, but that makes it harder when I feel like I am letting them down. In reality, I am thinking of listings and sales 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, birthdays and Christmas, mothers day lie ins. I am usually listing at some point, or trying to get listings seen, Facebook, Twitter, Advertising where I can for free because I cant afford to pay for it, because the sales are not coming in.

BUT…. Then I have clear days, when I can think straight and I can see the light at the end of the long dark tunnel. I wouldn’t swap all these stresses for a 9-5 job.
I do love what I do, especially when I can finally get things working smoothly.
Its just sometimes, its a struggle, and I don’t ever like admitting it.

A little note to my clients. I know things have been slow these last few months. Please know I am not being lazy. My mind is ALWAYS in work, and I am ALWAYS trying my best.

A Final note to Mr Rilly. You are amazing. You are always my rock. You help me so much in so many ways. I cant wait for the kids to go back school so you can come back work to help me out here again :p

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