Signed Stoke City Shirt

Day 5 is something about work.

I think the best thing I can talk about tonight is a recent item I have listed, which is a signed Stoke City Shirt.



Giff, I love you Man, P Hoekstra

Giff, I love you Man, P Hoekstra

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There is loads of signed memorabilia out there, but sometimes one crosses your path that has a little story behind it.

This Stoke City Shirt is signed by the retired Dutch footballer, Peter Hoekstra
He played for Stoke City around 2001-2004
He was voted as one of the best Stoke players to have played at the Britannia Stadium. (Back in 2008 anyway)

While Hoekstra was at Stoke City, ‘Giff the kitman’ was there too
This is who the shirt was originally signed for

It simply reads

“Giff, I love you Man

P. Hoekstra”

The shirt is now being sold to raise funds for a small pre-school to help kit out their new classroom. Smylers Preschool. Its the same pre-school that all my children have been to.