My Multiple Layers of My Internet Personalities

There are some right internet whores out there arent there? I know, because I am one of them. I am all over the web. I have blogs, ebay, pinterest, instagram, facebook, twitter and a few other places I dont use often.

What do these areas say about me, and even you?

Facebook is ego, your id personality. The personality I want everyone to see and like, the personality that gives glimpses of my true personality. Parts of me thats show my taste in music, my sense of humour, and even our darker sides that speak with anger (Especially when I go on about politics), thoughtlessness and envy.

What about my blogs? What part of my personality do my blogs represent? Is it the more inward thinking and the reasons for who I am that I blog about, the need to reach and show the under layer of myself, opening myself up for scrutiny, comments, and indifference?

Pinterest… Oh I love pinterest !!! I would waste hours of there dreaming of what I think I could do. This is my wannabe world. I would love to create some of the gorgeous furniture tutorials, create the little house decor crafts. I guess Pinterest shows my desire, my wants, my lust even.


Instagram? I have only just started using instagram again in the #100happydays challenge, and although I normally take photos with Mr Nikon, I do like to use my phone for instagram. Like is a little window into my world that I am letting you peek through.

What about you?

Are you a soul sharer? an internet whore? is the worst thing you can do is google your name? I know for me, every part says something more about who I am. So if you find me somewhere out there in the World Wide Web, Then I was there for a reason at some point 😉