I hate waste

When I am listing, I am always happy to list things with an odd mark or with an odd repairable fault, some people are on the lookout for playwear for kids or are able to fix things themselves, so can pick up awesome bargain.
So what to do with the scraps of fabric I have thave lying around in various piles?
I tried to sell them on ebay to crafters, but with no luck. I have googled I  pinterested loads of craft ideas for myself to try, but I dont ever have the time. Its a shame to let it go to waste.

I love wasting what little time I have though by looking through pinterest, there are some amazing craft ideas there. Sadly I know my attempts would end up on ‘NAILED IT’ or on pinterest fails. Maybe I should give myself some time to actually try 😉

If you would like a free for postage bag (approx 1kg maxiumum postage cost of £2.40 uk only) of old clothing items to chop up and create with, drop me a line at sales@rillyroos.co.uk I will add you to a mailing list and get some bits sent out to you. Or if you are after a particular clothing item to upcycle, message me too and I will see what I have.

Happy crafting.
Lorra love
RillyRoos at http://www.rillyroos.co.uk



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