How Could I Love Another Baby As Much As You

There is nothing more magical that starting the journey of motherhood. You could never believe it possible to love another human being so much, having only just met them for the very first time, but you do. That wonderful moment when you hold your baby for the first time, and you watch their little face, you life couldn’t be any more perfect.

You watch this wonderful bundle of poop, sick and noise, grow. It toddles, it breaks things, it shouts really loud in public places, but you still smile with the tired smile of a mother, but with love pouring from your heart.

Next, whether it be planned or an happy accident, you find yourself pregnant again. You start off happy and excited to do it all over again. But, a little doubt, a little niggle creeps in. How on earth could I love another baby as much as I do for number 1?

I imagine it this way. 1st baby arrives and with it, it gives you a cake, the cake is how much you love your first baby, a whole cake full. The frosting is perfect, the aroma is intoxicating. This cake/love away from your first child? the reason for your being, the one who gave you this great big cake of motherhood love.

You cry, you wonder how, and the big day draws closer and closer, you keep looking at this cake and try different ways of splitting it between the 2 kiddies… 

But then, when baby comes, it comes with a huge suprise. It has its very own cake. Exactly the same size as the 1st cake, the design is different and the flavour is a little different too, but its just as perfect as the first. 

There is no sharing of love when it comes to your children, each child comes with its own cake, with its own frosting, and design. You may love all your children in their different ways, but if you could measure the cakes. They would all be exactly the same.

I feel very lucky to have 6 fabulous cakes. No wonder I am fat though 😉



  1. loved reading this! People ask me all the time when we are going to have another baby and honestly this is one of my biggest fears. How could I possibly love another child as much as I love the one I have? My mother in law always says “it just happens. You grow another heart equally full of love.” Beautiful post!


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