Oh No Not Chicken Pox!!

Back in June 2012 4 got chicken pox. It had been so long since 1 & 2 had had it and they had it so mildly it wasnt really a problem, I turned to the Facebook Gang and asked them this question

OK ladies… what do I need to know about chicken pox then? 
How long does it take to spread from one child to the next? 
What can I do to soothe the itching? 
What is best for them to wear? 
erm… Are they ill with it? 
Anything else?

Lets just say this particular post has been used numerous times, for countless mums and kiddies.

So I will simply share the link with you here and allow you to share in the pearls of wisdom from mums all over the UK

Click here for the Chicken Pox Thread

*Disclaimer – The remedies listed are from personal experiences, if you are concerned at any time or have reactions to items mentioned in the post, please seek medical attention*

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