2’s Science Project – Make a Plant Cell

If you have children that have just gone into secondary education, chances are they will come home with this project. Like any good parent you will be sitting with your 11/12 year old trying to decide how they should make their science project (without trying to do it yourself…LOL) 

We looked at loads of different ones, from jelly made, cake made, card & paper mache … Until Momma had a brainwave!!! 

I remembered seeing 5’s reception class TA making some of this awesome gloop and I have been dying to make some and this was my perfect excuse. 

Have you ever mixed cornflour & water??? It makes a fabulous solid gloop. The same stuff Jon Tickle added to the custard when he walked on it during an episode of Braniac. Solid when you impact it hard, but very gloopy if you slowly move your fingers around it. 

So this was the cytoplasm and the container was the cell wall. 2 then had to hunt around the cupboards for the extra parts. 

Here is what he came up with 

Plant Cell

Plant Cell


Simple, cheap, and totally ACE.

Well done 2 (and well done to the brainiest Mum ever… LOL)