Christmas Craft – Toilet Roll Reindeers

On the run up to Xmas, we Rillys have always made decorations with the kids for the tree. This year I have decided to blog our erm… achievements.

Today we have made Toilet roll Reindeers

All you need is
Toilet Roll Tube
Cardboard for ears and antlers
White card for eyes
and a red water balloon.

You can totally posh it up by using pipe cleaners for the antlers, and real googley eyes. But we like to live frugally and show you that cheap and cheerful is just as great and fun too. #

Mini Rillys all waiting patiently

Mini Rillys all waiting patiently


If you have a larger family, then being prepared is the key. Get everything read first. If you make yours at the same time and get them to copy you, it helps them having the visual instructions too.

So first we stuck on the ears. About middlish way down of the toilet roll
Then we popped the antlers on, using sticky tape
We added the eyes near the ears
and finally blew up the balloon just a little bit and stuck that to the base of the toilet roll so when you hand it from the tree the nose hangs down.

I wont tell you what 2 says it hangs like but you can imagine what teenagers come out with. Just be wary of comments 😉 LOL

Here are the Rilly Reindeers

Left to right - 3, 5, 1, 2, Me, & 4. 6 played with his and it fell apart.. LOL

Left to right – 3, 5, 1, 2, Me, & 4. 6 played with his and it fell apart.. LOL


Ease factor – 8/10 – Some fiddly bits for the smaller ones, but simple enough to assist
Fun factor – 9/10 – Lots of chatting and laughter. Good sharing skills
Cost Factor – 10/10 – Very cheap and cheerful. You can spend more if you want to


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