Negative Feedback

Negative feedback is probably one of the hardest things to accept, not only on eBay but for any business you have set up yourself. A negative feedback takes you back to being 5 years old and coming last at snakes and ladders. It hurts, and it makes you angry.

What can you do to change it?

Sometimes looking at the negative feedback and seeing the reason for it, should give you guidance. Its a matter of stepping back from the personal issue and seeing why your customer felt the need to leave such a harsh criticism, because thats basically what it is really. Was it because the item wasn’t as described? Did it take too long to post? did you communicate any issues with the buyer?

If the buyer was upset at the description, go and look at what you put in and more importantly, what you left out. Ticking the ‘Used’ box isn’t enough these days. Buyers expect items to be like new if you haven’t said anything. I like to use a generic “This item is 2nd hand, it will show some light signs of wear, any faults will be listed below and pictured… blah blah” its so much easier now that the pictures are free, you can add pics of faults.

What about if the buyer was upset at delivery time? Again is this communicated to the buyer? Do they know you can only post on a Thursday morning because thats the only time you have in between school runs, work & food shopping, a little message to say when you expect to post, and via 1st or 2nd class.

I know the most frustrating thing in the world is when a buyer leaves a negative without ever being in touch to allow you to even attempt to resolve any issues. I am cheeky, I will message them and apologise that they were unhappy and is there anyway I can help them. Sometimes we have resolved an issue after feedback has been left and 50% of the time the buyer will revise the feedback to say that issues were resolved.

Negative feedback should not be cause for upset, just think that the buyer is upset too. No need to get into an argument. Nothing you type will change that, and if you get angry, they will get even angrier too.  The final point should be for them to send it back, always give them the option, no matter how petty the reason might sound. If they send it back at least you get to relist it, and add in that little extra input the unhappy buyer gave you.

Negatives are only negative if you do nothing about it. Use it to learn and improve.