Lifestyle or Niche or Both?

I have just read a fantastic, or should I say a ‘Fabulous‘ blog about the various different blogs and what they mean. I was looking to see where I fall, I have 3 blogs. One for Business, one for photography and this one which seems to be all the left over bits. My problem is, am I spreading myself too thin? Should I concentrate on just one blog and have everything in there, or do I keep everything separate.
Its a shame really because this is the blog that gets left out because I dont know what to blog about sometimes… LOL

Is my family life really that exciting? I am not a super mum, I am not crafty, and I have no patience with the kids making a mess everywhere every single day… So what pearls of wisdom do I have to offer the world of blogging. How to screech really loud ? or Busting the Bedtime Butts maybe?

I offer some time saving recipes, and my odd random inspirational craft exercise, I dont do overly personal, I am not one to pour my heart out about an arguement I had with Mr Rilly (not that we do argue anyway)

I think we are a humorous family, we have lots of in jokes and crazy quirks just like all families. Maybe this is what I should blog, Rilly and the Crazy Mini Rillys.. LOL

Do you ever feel the same? Do you always know what you are going to blog about? or do you just wing it and blog anything? Where does your blog fall?

Its quite interesting really to see the variety of bloggage there is.



  1. I keep it all under one blog. The categories are great. This way the readers can go there under the varias topics. If and when I own my business the I’ll have a special one totally dedicated on my payed website.


    1. I think I think too much. Thats my big problem. I think its a good idea to keep it separate, and then I think it would be a good idea to just merge them all into one.
      Then I get all confused… LOL


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