Great Times for RillyRoos

We have worked and worked so hard this last 12 months that we have sort of cramped ourselves in.

This is a little sample of what we have been trying to work in



Just look at all that stock squeezed in. How scary is that? You imagine trying to pick from it too. Thankfully 20 years of warehouse experience between us both has coped and everything although is in chaos, is actually numbered and located specifically.

I remember the early days when we only had a few bits and bobs, check out these pics from Memory Lane



The top one was from when we first moved in, we didnt even have a rail… Awwwwww

Then we started to fill up, not only with our stock, but other peoples eBay piles, and other peoples lockers we bought from them, and people just wanting a quick cash price to be rid of the mess.

This is the new joy we have to fill… I wonder how long it will take??



Time for an adventure
Rilly Roo Rahhhh

So glad you are all joining us on this fabulous journey



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