School Holidays

How many times have you already heard “I’m Bored” ??

If its anything like my house, you have heard it far too often. Along with phrases like “Can I have something to eat?” “Can I have some money” and “I’m Bored” (Yes I know I said that one already)

Thankfully the weather has been fairly nice and the kids have been able to play out in the garden. A few days on the Bouncy Castle, playing on the swings, digging for worms and chasing butterflies.

4 is missing school already, she is constantly asking for sums and sentences to write. So we have used for some literacy aids, and I made her a ‘Sums Box’
Just a collection of folded numbers and a building block dice.

"Sums Box"

“Sums Box”

This has kept her amused for ages. She loved the “times by” and “shared with” she hasnt done much of that at school yet (she is only 5) but she grabbed the concept really quickly.

She has recently had the theme at school of Mini Beasts, so she has been hunting in the garden for them… She does seem a little enthusiastic though

Chasing Butterflies

Chasing Butterflies

What games do your children enjoy during the holidays? Any games you can share?