Green fingers?? Me ??

Hmmm nope not too sure about that.

I have had some great fun today clearing a small patch to plant some potatoes, and I have potted some mint, cleared the old runners from the wild strawberry patch ready for the new runners.

I have swept, clipped, pruned and weeded. I am totally pooped.

I have also spent the most part of my day shouting “put it down” “no !! Don’t pull that out” and various other phrases. My poor neighbours must think I am a total loon, or a really mean mum.

The kids enjoyed themselves though, they look so cute with their gardening gloves on. They are so impatient too, they check the containers more times than I do to see if anything is growing.

So far we have planted (in the last few weeks)
Runner beans
Strawberries (the normal ones, we already have wild ones)

The kids want to try pumpkins too, only for carving at Halloween not for eating

I never thought I would ever enjoy gardening. I can’t wait to see things starting to grow.

Do you grow your own veg? Would you like to?