Tummy Bugs & How I Tackle Them

2 & 5 have started that fun ball of tummy bugs rolling. Nothing worse than when one starts with it, you just know the rest will be soon to follow.

So how do you battle it? How do you know when to feed them? And what to feed them?

I know ‘they’ say to feed kids through the bug, but I have always found the bug to really drag on when you do this. I much prefer to just offer fluids for minimum of 6 hours and not attempt to offer food until they start to ask for it. Usually hunger is a good sign that it’s passing.

When they don’t want to eat, what do you do?
For mine I simply concentrate on fluids and offer them rehydration fluids. They don’t always drink them though so what I do offer instead is a little lemonade with a tiny pinch of salt (mine have no sugar or salt health problems, do bear that in mind when offering this solution) they like the taste better than the rehydration sachets

The kids are ready to eat, what can I offer them?
Always think of BRAT food for the brats 😉
Rice (plain cooked)
Apple (sauce)

These foods help to bind, release slow energy and are less likely to be brought back up

If its an aggressive bug, it won’t hurt putting all the family in this diet for a day or two. It certainly lessens the clean up process.

Oh and as a fab way to remember how to spell Diarrhoea (Uk Spelling)

D – Doesnt
I – It
A – Always
R – Run
R – Really
H – Horrible
O – Over
E – Each
A – Ankle

Disclaimer – I am not a medical professional. Advice stated here is how I treat a simple basic tummy bug. If you are concerned at any time please seek medical attention !