Chocolate Loopy Puffs

I found myself in a dilemma this morning when I voiced my wonderful idea of making Rice Krispie cakes with the kids, but alas, no Rice Krispies. So I looked for the alternative Corn Flakes and we didn’t have any of those either !!

OH NO !!!

“But Muuuuuuuum” I hear in that high pitched wailing screech that 5 year olds do best.

Never fear though my little minions, mummy has a plan.

Those Sugar Puffs that have been in the cupboard since Xmas, and the Honey Hoops I seem to have 4 boxes of, left over Easter eggs and some golden syrup come to the rescue.

I have created …

Chocolate Loopy Puffs !!! 

Chocolate Loopy Puffs

Chocolate Loopy Puffs



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