Who Is Pinkoddy?

For those in the Blogging world, a  few will have seen the name Pinkoddy flying around, especially in the Twitterverse too. Pinkoddy also has a Facebook page now where you can keep up to date with all of her blog entries and wonderful craft ideas that she comes up with on a regular basis.

Pinkoddy is a Mum of 4 amazing boys, 1 of which has been diagnosed with Aspergers, and a second is awaiting diagnosis, her blog has many amazing links to help and advise folks if they are found in a similar situation.

I have seen Joy (aka Pinkoddy) interview folks before, and asked her how would she feel if I did the same for her. Lets just say she was more than excited and pestered me for an hour until I gave in and emailed her some questions.

1.  You have a house full of boys, do they fight a lot? Or do you have a zero tolerance on fighting?

They do fight, but I think all siblings do, no more because they are boys. It’s more bickering than fighting. I’m one of those parents that steps in for everything anyway so I don’t let them hurt each other.

Pinkoddys Boys
2. Does it upset you if people say “do you wish you had a girl?” ?

It doesn’t upset me because I would have liked a girl. What upsets me is people saying that I’m “obsessed” about it, especially as it was so hard to decide to stop having children when we love them so much.

3. Mealtimes, do you all eat at the same time and eat the same thing? Do you have any special diets/allergies you need to cater for?

Generally we try to all eat at the same time around the big table. Some nights it’s not possible with all the kids after school activities/dh work otherwise we’d end up eating really late.

4. I jokingly call you the breast feeding, cloth nappy, baby wearing earth mother, but I know how proud you are of your mothering achievements, what advice would offer to new mothers inspired by your way of mothering?

TBH I wouldn’t say I’m proud that I’ve done them but I am proud that I parent how I want and nothing has stopped me (despite professionals telling me to). My advice is just do what feels right for you – it’s easier that way.


5. Back to having 4 boys, I assume they like their video games, how do you monitor what they play? Do they want to play games not certificated for them?
They are only allowed to play at certain times – generally weekends, school holidays and special treats if they’ve achieved/well behaved. DH decides on the games because he knows everything about them. Rating has only been an issue with the oldest. Basically when he was 14 years old there were LOTS of 7 year olds playing COD. He was the only one NOT playing it at school amongst his friends. We said he could play it for a limited time if he acted more grown up, and if his behaviour changed it would be reverted back. He’s been really good with it. He’s not allowed to play anything like that until all his siblings are asleep too.

Games Her Boys Like to Play

6. You are a mother of special needs children, how have you managed as a family? Does it disrupt you much? What advice do you have to anyone who finds themselves in your situation.

You just muddle by any way you can don’t you. My advice is ignore other people. Even those who think they know how it is, don’t know how it is for you.

Pinkoddys World

7. About your blog, how long have you blogged for? When do you do most of your blogging?

I started blogging about a year ago in August. I’ve changed it so that I do most of my blogging when the youngest is at playgroup. Otherwise I end up cleaning and take no time out for myself. I also try and squeeze some in in the evenings when they are in bed.

8. Some people have been upset by what you have talked about in your blog. How would you like to reassure them if you had the chance?

I never intentionally upset anyone, even those I don’t agree with or like. If I’m asked nicely I’m even willing to change things and always give people the opportunity to say how it is from their side. As I said before no-one knows what it is like for you – so I would never judge anyone else.

9. Pinkoddy is becoming quite a known Internet ‘brand name’ how does that feel ?

LOL really, I don’t think so. I am not even in the tots100 100.

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10. If you could interview anyone dead or alive who would it be ? 

My mom. I miss her terribly and to be able to ask her opinion on things and get some advice would be great.

Thank you to Joy, she really is a fantastic breastfeeding, babywearing, cloth nappy earth mother 😉

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