Arrggghhhh Its the Easter Holidays

Oh No its the Easter Holidays, what am I going to do with the little ones for 2 weeks??

Start as you mean to go on I say

Today we have made a rota of what we are going to do. Snack times are set, and play time activities have been written out.

Today I got all the little ones dressed and sent them off to collect leaves, twigs, feathers and anything else they can find, for their arts and & crafts activity after snack time.

This is 3, 4 & 5 ‘Gluing’ (I call it OMG My floor, My table!!”


And this is what I made for craft time 😉

ahhhhh Best sort of Craft ever !!!

ahhhhh Best sort of Craft ever !!!

By planning out and knowing what is coming next the tantrums and pestering from 4 is teeny. Normally she is always on and on and on.

Happy 4 = Calm Mum