Christmas Time at the Rillys

After a fun filled evening of spreading oats & glitter about the garden for the ‘Magic Reindeer Food’ and fighting off 4 excited kids that all want to try Santas apple pie, just to make sure its OK, and as soon as you turn one away they are biting into Rudolphs carrot, it was time to attempt a few Christmassy photographs. Its very true what they say about never working with kids or animals… I will share a couple of my favourite fails

Attempt of a nice family

Attempt of a nice family photoDSC_0077


Finally it was time to get the bouncing, fizzing, explosive little ones into bed, and settle down with a large alcoholic drink and set to wrapping the huge selection of various shops.

We started the wrapathon at 8pm. Mr Rilly was building some of the larger toys to save time in the morning, and give them something to play with while we wrestle opening the vacuum packs and twisty little wire things. It took us until just past midnight to finish, which I thought was pretty good to be honest. Fingers crossed now they would stay asleep until a reasonable hour.. we wish.!!
There was a little gentle pattering of feet around 3.30 in our room and a gentle whisper of “Mum is it time yet”. Then it was just a simple case of keeping the awake one quiet enough to keep the others asleep, so we endured a couple of hours of kicking, nudging and general excited chatter just to give the others the chance of sleep.

6am came along slowly, but it eventually arrived. Excited toddlers and groggy teens, and even more tired than normal parents, we all line up and trundle down the stairs. Eager faces bouncing in front of me. The amazing part of parenthood is opening the door into the magical wonderland of Christmas, and hearing the squeals of delight as they see that Santa has been.

Reality thumps you in the ass soon after though, when you cant find the smallest child because they are buried in a sea of paper, and requests of “Set this up” “open this” and “IT DOESNT WORK”  4 long hours of wrapping and 20 mins to destroy all that loving preparation, seems a little futile really. I wonder if it would be just as enjoyable if we opened everything the night before and set it all up ready for playing with??


Thankfully presents were a huge success, no major disappointments, and those moments were usually ours and not the kids anyway.

Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and all the best for 2013