Modern socialising and parenting

It’s been a very quiet Internet world in our house the last few weeks. All of the 4 high Internet users have all cut their time out online.
1 & 2 have found it really hard. 1 is a bit minecraft obsessed, he would be on it 24/7 if we let him.
We have managed to find old-fashioned entertainment in board games and playing cards, and actually having real conversations that involve sound coming from our mouths.
After a few days when the pacing and shakes wore off you started to realise that there is a real world beyond the various screens of social networking. My phone would last 2 or more days on the one full charge, there were no pings forwarded to my phone that I had to check and reply to, I saw my younger children change in a matter of days. They were calmer, cuddlier and more playful, but that was more to do with me not parenting from the back of my head, which at times that’s all they would see of me, especially with 90% of my business work involves being online.
It’s so easy to get sucked into this false online reality, although you grow to genuinely care about some of your online friends, the real fact is they could be totally different in real life. Your online persona may reflect parts of you that you would like to be, or parts of you that really.. you should keep quiet.
I am now trying again to find that balance of work, & pleasure time online and still have time purely for the kids. Evenings filled with endless games of snap, and snakes and ladders, kids laughing at your epic loses, and wiping tears from their cheeks when they lose too.

Balance is the key to all family life, do you have your balance right?


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  1. One thing I have learned in life is that less IS more and more IS less. LESS time on cyber world means MORE time in the real world.


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