8 Go Shopping for School Shoes.

That time of year again. All parents dread the huge long queues, the pointy elbows from the rabid shopper dashing in for the last size 9f’s, the temper tantrums from 3 year olds who dont want to take off their first ever pair of school shoes.

Well it was our turn. This year though we used the fabulous appointment system at Clarks and booked a slot online for the gang. Waltzing in without a care in the world and simply saying “We have an appointment” immediately made life so much easier.

So there we are, huddled into a corner with a double pushchair and a special needs buggy, a slouching teenager staring at his phone, a hyper 11 year old egging on 4 & 5 to act as daft as him. First we start with 5, he is so happy to be getting his first pair of school shoes. He so proudly showed Daddy, and he didnt want to take them off, but thankfully was quickly talked out of a tantrum by promising to carry his own shoes like a big boy.

3 was next. looking so cute, 4 got to choose her own shoes, and she was over the moon with hers, 2 seemed happy with his, but then we are getting to that wonderful age where enthusiasm for anything linked with school you might as well be asking them to chew off their own legs. So on that note there is no point me saying what slouching teenager thought about his new shoes in the brief moments he looked up from his phone.

So what was the damage? I hear you ask… How much did it cost to kit out 5 kids for school shoes??

Actually it wasnt as bad as I thought. Lets just say it was more than £150 but less than £200.

Next adventure… hunt for lunchboxes :/