Urrghhhh What a Night !!

I was so tired last night. I was more ready for bed than I had been in a long time. I attempted to have a little read, just to send me off, but 3 lines down and I was done.

Slowly drifting into the land of dreams, I sleep.

Only to be woken up by 4 in my face going “muuuuuuuuuuuuum” in a loud Homer Simpson type whisper. “Can I get into bed with you?” she asks. The automatic response is Grunt, and lift up the covers. The TV was still on and I have no idea what was on there. I gave Mr Rilly a nudge and asked “is it a sweary film?”. He groggily found the remote and fumbled at the buttons to find something (hopefully) a little more appropraite for her.

2 hours later that Homer whisper comes again “muuuuuuuuuuuum, its finished”

My speech at that time of night would resemble caveman talk at best, I remember muttering something along the lines of  “off, sleep, now”

After what seemed like an eternity of poking, nudging, singing, whispering, and meddling, I give up and talk her into going back to bed. I take her and tuck her in, give her kisses. Then stumble back to bed trying to avoid the creaky floorboards so 6 doesnt wake up. Please dont wake up 6!!

I cant sleep now, my feet are hot, so I poke them out of the covers, my head is hot, so I flip the pillows, now my feet are cold, no hot, no cold…. Arrrghhhh. Finally I drift off again. I go to stretch out and change position only to find a heavy lump on my legs, thinking it was the dog I start to nudge at her hoping she would get up and move over to lie on Mr Rillys legs like she normally does… But ooooops. It was 4. Quickly checking she was still asleep, I ignore her and go back to sleep myself…  Well that was until I hear 3 come out of her bedroom like a little stampy elephant.

Carefully I pull my leg from underneath the sleeping 4, and take 3 back to bed, trying to keep her quiet, so she doesnt wake 6 up. I tuck her into bed, give her kisses and go back to bed, avoiding all the creaky floorboards. when I get back to my room 4 has spread out !! Where the hell am I supposed to go?? Enough is enough, I am tired, I want to sleep. Its 4.30 am and 6 will be starting to wake soon anyway. Gently I pick her up, and her blanket, and her cuddley toys, and trundle back to the girls room. 3 is still awake. I give her the stern “dont you wake her up!” and yet again, go back to bed avoiding the creaky floorboards.

Again with the hot feet, cold feet, hot head, cold leg… tick tock tick tock. I must have drifted off again, because it only seemed like I had my eyes closed for a minute, when I heard 3 singing at the top of the stairs, and 5 talking… and yes 6 was awake too.

6am, and we start the day…

Is it bedtime yet??