8 Go Off to the Dentist

I think the worst part was waking up and not knowing what time we were in the dentist for… I called them at 7.45 this morning, praying and hoping she wouldnt say 8 ‘o’clock, which has been known before. Ok not too bad it was 9am that we were in for. Mr Rilly. 1 & 2 were still in bed, 3, 4, 5, & 6 werent dressed. We had 45 mins to get 8 of us ready and get there.

First challenge, get the big ones up !! We all know what fun waking teenagers is .. mwah ha ha ha. 1 even asked if we were really going to the dentist, or was it a fib to just get them out of bed.

Dressing the little ones like a production line of dolls, well.. dolls that fight and dont like getting dressed before 8.30 on a school holiday.


Why do shoes always go missing when you are in a rush to go out???  Kids are running around with toothbrushes and frothy mouths, I am trying to chase them with wipes and hairbrushes trying to keep my eye out for random shoes poking out of toy boxes, & washing piles.

Finally we look ready and presentable with 5 minutes to spare. Not enough time for a brew though, damn !

Then starts the loading, this is military precision at its best. They all line up at the door and wait to be called, and then they are put in their seats and strapped in. Oh and there we go, 3 starts to sing along to the radio at the top of her voice.

Getting out of the car is just as organised thankfully, they all buddy up at the side of the road and we walk around the corner to the dentists. Phew, the place is empty. Lovely loud wooden floors that the little ones have to bang on as loud as they can.

First they call in 2, all is well, just some baby teeth bits to come out.

Then 4, all fab, she was so good and opened very wide

Then 1, all good again

Then 3, Normally she doesnt co-operate, but this time she was a little star and opened her mouth a little bit and kept thinking the dentist mirror thing was a spoon.

5 covered his eyes and barely opened his mouth

and little 6 just said hi

Then the fun really started when it was time to choose the stickers. What a tough decision for each of them. “No 2, there are no Spongebob ones” “No 4 you cant have 8 of them” “6 they are not for eating”

Oh well thats it now for another 6 months….

Knackered now :p