Do you ever think about them?

Can you pick out who is on Benefits? Maybe one or 2 yes, but the majority you would be shocked by. They don’t wear a banner above their heads saying “Scrounger” “Dole Dosser” “Jeremy Kyle Scum” No! The majority of people on benefits you would never even guess.  They go about their lives taking their children to school, going shopping, filling the car with petrol, and if they budget well, even go on holiday.
When the Government wants to get rid of the welfare state and all those people out there that have been fortunate in their lives to have never used it are all behind them shouting “Get off your arse and get a job” “Stop scrounging and pay your taxes” think for a moment of the war veterans, some taking injuries that not only affect them physically, but mentally too. Think about the single mother of 4 children, who up until recently was married for 15 years, owned their own home, and had holidays abroad twice a year, well until her husband left her for a younger woman with no kids. Think of the father of 2, who has worked every day of his life, suddenly finding out his wife is dying, and he is struggling to deal with it and slips into a depression, but is also caring for his wife and 2 children. These are the people no one thinks of when it comes to the welfare reforms. These are the people that will be left to suffer. Not the scumbags you see on Jeremy Kyle, those people will never suffer. If you take their benefits away they will simply steal your television, and steal your car.

Some benefit users may only need it for a short time. Some may need it for longer, but it is there to help everyone. I really hope that if the welfare system does ever go, those that shouted the loudest never end up in a situation where they need it. I wonder what they will be shouting then??


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