Bloggers Block

Do you ever get those moments when you think to yourself … “No one on this planet would be interested in reading about that” so you click the little red X in the corner and close the page containing your blog down.

This is oddly a phase I am going through right now. Maybe its like a form of writers block or something, or it may be down to a million distractions going on at one time.

Kids back at school, dinners to cook, washing to fold.. you know the usual every day boring stuff that never seems to end. Maybe I am just going through a phase of being responsible and grown up for once, rather than procrastinating on my laptop all day… *Quick look at the ever growing washing pile* Nope… cant be that.

So what would I consider important enough in my life that I would feel the need to share that experience daily, or even every other day time permitting?

Well I run my own business, I have a wonderful marriage that we dont really need to work hard at to make work. We have 6 amazing kids, and maybe will have one more in the future, we have one kiddie with special needs (no 3), one thats a drama queen (no 4), one thats a bit OCD (no 2), and another thats so laid back he is horizontal (no 1), one that prefers to play with girls toys than boys toys (no 5)  and a baby (no 6). But I still have this odd nagging sensation that really… My life is not that exciting, its just normal to me.

I suppose I could moan about various things, and voice my opinions on certain aspects of the world, but then I think I am scared of making myself look like a complete prat. I like to pay a little attention to the world, but not enough to pretend I know anything about something I in reality don’t.

I could talk about the kiddies, but there is only so much of  “4 didnt sleep again” or “6 did a huge poop and it went everywhere” that people can cope with from me.

So yes I am suffering with Bloggers Block I think, so what do I do about it?? How can I change the mindset I am in?

I do enjoy my blogging, when I get the chance, and when I have something to prattle on about.

So for now… I blog about not being able to blog .. Good start Rilly !!



  1. I know what you mean about making time, and sometimes it feels like it could be a chore. I do worry I might link up and then not have “enough” time to comment on other people’s blogs – but the posts – oh no there’s just so much to say, and so many memes – but not enough energy.


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