Another Parenting Milestone

I am very soon going to be a mum of a teenage boy.

Little did I know that this evening 13 years ago my life would be where it is now. I had no idea of what challenges being a parent would bring, I never in a million years would have expected myself to do it 6 times.

It seems only yesterday, we proudly looked down upon our baby boy. Amazed at his newness, shocked by his smallness, surprised at how much we already loved him even though he was only just with us.

Now we look at him, with his silly hair do, walking around in his pants still, leaving a trail of mess behind him wherever he goes, and we wonder, where did that teeny little adorable baby go? Crazy thing is, we still love him just as much now as we did in those very first moments we laid eyes on him.

OK he is a pain in the bum, but he is funny, charming and can be quite sweet (although we shouldnt say that part 😉 )

Happy Birthday Number 1. Thank you for giving us a lovely 13 years, let the mayhem commence.. LOL



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