Ranting Rilly – Anyone else sick of everything being about Celebs??

I dont rant very often… but this is one of my big bug bears and it really does my head in !!

What ever happened to the good old fashioned gameshow on a Saturday night with Mr Joe Average and his unpredictable and embarrassing wife?

The best fun ever was when helpless giggles descended when the stupidest of answers came out from some random family members mouth on Family Fortunes, or yelling “THE CUDDLEY TOY” on the generation game …

But now… its all Celeb this and Celeb that, whats wrong? Cant they get any decent work now so have to steal what little bit of joy Mr & Mrs Average had by winning a Bendy Bully or the Blankety Blank Cheque Book & Pen, and maybe, just maybe a nice little prize or a little bit of pocket money. Surely there is always enough weirdos out there that want their 5 mins of fame and would be slightly more entertaining than some has been or a vague wannabe. Every time we get a decentish game show that Mr Public goes on, it has to turn into a celeb fest.

I am sorry ‘Celebs’ but if you did your day job well enough you wouldnt stoop to the level of doing game shows.

Give back the game show to Joe and his wife, give the crappy prizes back to the working class man who just wants to have a laugh at the end of the week. Give back the Saturdays nights to some decent entertainment that doesnt revolve around z list celebs.

Steps down from soap box and resumes watching Cbeebies with the kids.



  1. Generation game was always a hit in our house when I was growing up. I’m standing on that soap box with you Rilly! (If there’s room) x


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