Rilly Random – Cheese on Toast, How do you do yours?

Todays Rilly Random

Its mad how many different ways cheese on toast can be made.

Now personally for myself I like to gently toast one side of the bread, turn over and add the nice bog standard grated cheddar cheese (mild not mature) and melt, just until its gently bubbling, and the edges of the bread starts to toast. Topped with a single thin ‘0’ od sauce and then spread with a knife.

Mr Rilly makes his completely different. He likes to put the sliced cheese onto the bread, and then melt under the grill. He likes the cheese to bubble away and just start to turn brown and the toast edges burn. Topped with loads of sauce.

I do on occasion like to add either a slice of tomato on the top, or a few slithers of onion. Never at the same time though.


I have heard of other ways that people cook their cheese on toast, like toasting both sides and then adding the cheese, or melting the cheese first and then spread it on.

Just a simple thing like cheese on toast can be so complex and diverse.

So humour me…

How do you cook your cheese on toast??

Rilly Random

This is how some of my friends do it…

Cheese on Toast, How do you do yours?



  1. I do the toast in the toaster then add grated cheese and put it under a hot grill until it’s gently bubbling, but not brown. I occasionally spread tomato purée on the toast before I add the cheese. I would NEVER put butter on the toast. EVER!


  2. Toast one side, turn over and spread tomato sauce in the untoasted side, add cheese then back under the grill until it melts 🙂


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