Random Conversations During Dinner Time..

2 says “Why cant giraffes talk?”

Rather than go into the actual science of why they physically cant talk I reply with

“Well what would they have to talk about?”

Then the conversation continues from there.. (these were actual comments thrown in by me, Mr Rilly, 1 & 2 during dinner)

Giraffes on Diet

“I am going to become a meat-a-tarian, I dont think its fair on the environment, all these poor helpless trees”

Giraffes humour

“A giraffe walks into a bar with a man. “Can I have a beer for myself, and a beer for my man?”
The bar giraffe looks at him strange but serves up. The man passes out, and the giraffe starts to walk out
“Hey, you can’t leave that lyin there”
“Its not a Lion its a man”

Giraffes on Celebrities

“Hey, you know that Ricky Giraffe, he is a right twunt”

“Cool, Giraffe Kyles on, where do they find these gira dossers”

Giraffes on Personal Care

“I think you better get your spot checked, its getting bigger.”

“You know whats worse than lady giraffe troubles??, an itchy flippin ear!!! “

Giraffes on Socialising

“So whatca doing?”
“Watching the game, eating a bud”

So in actual fact, giraffes would have a lot to talk about if they were able to.