Carving Pumpkins for Halloween

Why do we carve pumpkins for Halloween?

Folklore says it started in Ireland, a few variations on the story but it starts with Stingy Jack. He was a lazy, but smart fella who liked to gamble, and steal. While running away from villagers after he had stolen something, he met the devil who said it was time to die. One story said that he wasnt accepted into hell and the devil gave him a hollowed turnip with a light in to light his way as he wandered lonely across the earth.

Its a very mixed up tale.

So back in the olden days, the tradition of carving pumpkins was to ward away evil spirits.

Today its about showing off!

I dont know how many of you stray from the traditional Jack o’ lantern halloween pumpkin.

I recently started to try a little something different with our pumpkins.

Here is my 1st attempts from 2009


And I did 2 in 2010



And I only did the 1 last year


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