Rilly Random – Tidy House V’s Messy House

As you walk in, you see everything gleaming and sparkling clean. You know for a fact that there is a place for everything and everything has its place in this home. You see the children playing nicely with a few toys. It feels tranquil and calm. You step carefully on the clean floor, unsure whether to be polite and remove your shoes.


As you walk in, if you havent already met the dog you soon will, as you step over the toys, clothes and most probably a toddler lying on the floor, you make your way cautiously towards the settee, steering around half of Mr Potato head, part of a train set and countless other items strategically placed in your way. Carefully moving a half eaten sandwich before you sit down, and if you are lucky there may even be a plate. Toys are scattered from wall to wall during the day time.

“He is happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I know which is my house. My house is the house of chaos, the house of play. The house of children. One day when they are all grown up, I will have the tidy dream home, and chances are I will miss the toys, and the crazy games of them all playing and jumping about. So for me, for now, while they are little, I am happy with my messy house.

Which is your house??



  1. As much as I’d love a show home its impossible with 5 kids so my house is messy but clean I do love it at night when I cam clean and it stay that way untill I get up in the morn and its back to looking like a tornados ripped through it lol! X


  2. I love a clean tidy house, but being as it’s two adults and a dog I should hope it is. But saying that I do like it when I leave it and it does get a little tatty and to see the result when I’ve finished is great albeit a little sad and shows what a great social life I have…lol


  3. Mine is definately the house of chaos…and I love it! My sister hoovers more than 3 times a day and constantly trails around picking things up! I don’t see the point, I’d rather spend that time playing with the kids or baking, once the kids are all in bed I have a quick hour tidy and relax in my nice tidy front room 🙂 x


  4. Most of the time the main parts of my house are some where in the middle, the bits no one sees(my room and upstairs bathroom) are worse than the house of chaos! I’m only playing at this being tidy game!


  5. My house is like number 2 but i hate it being so untidy as kaydee was 6 when Megan was born so things were tidy -ish and she kept her room tidy herself, since I’ve had Megan the housework has taken a back seat and we moved house when she was 2 days old, into a 3 bedroom house with garage, from a small 2 bedroom, we seem to have filled the house up with more Crap! Xxx


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