Work at Home Mum

So what is it like being a work at home Mum?

Sometimes its a fabulous mixture of the best of both worlds. You don’t have to pay child care, you are making a living and you are watching the exciting stages of your children growing, you have the time to attend PTFA meetings, and special assemblies.

The hard part is trying to find that balance of home and work life. Its very easy to get distracted one way or another. Too much playtime with the kids results in not making money, and too much work time creates nightmare attention seeking brats. Getting snappy at the kids because they want you to read a book while you are on the phone with clients and customers isn’t professional or pleasant for the customer, and certainly not nice for the kids either. Don’t get me wrong I can get quite snappy myself when I am trying to be work busy, especially when deadlines need to be met, and 6 doesn’t stop crying, 5 has poo’d his pants, 4 is doodling on the walls, 3 is singing at the top of her voice and 1 & 2 are trying to kill each other, and this happens at some point every day… This is NOT a good time to be on the phone with the bank manager.

I have 2 at home all day, 1 in pre-school half day, and 3 in full time school. I try to get as much done work-wise as I can in the morning when there is just the 2 smaller ones home, and a little cross over in the afternoon. Until the little ones go bed there is no point in doing any serious ‘work’. These few hours are used up feeding, reading, and homework.

Then finally, its Mum & Dad time 🙂 best time of every day. When all the little angels are tucked up in bed and you can hear their soft little snores. When you peep in and see their sweet drooling faces and think “Awwwwww how lovely you are, my little precious beasts”