Birthday Girl

Nothing like the bubbling excitement of a 3 year old turning 4 the next day. For the last 3 months we have had “is it my birthday tomorrow??” “is it my birthday??” “am I 4 yet??” and everyday we have met tears and tantrums just because its not her birthday, and it wasnt her birthday tomorrow and she wasnt 4 yet either.

Then finally the day came. “Tara, tomorrow is your birthday”

“I am going to go straight to sleep tonight Mummy, cus I am a big girl and I am going to be 4, and I can be all grown up now”

Going sleep wasnt the worry, it was what time is she going to wake up to start her Birthday??

Phew… 5.45am, could have been a lot lot worse. Everyone was woken up at 6 to watch the little bundle of excitable nerves rush into the living room and squeal with delight at the neat pile of presents all stacked on the settee. I have never seen paper fly off presents so fast, it was almost like something from Harry Potter. “Accio Present”

Then the true trauma starts. Why oh why do they have to stick, glue, tape, tie, screw and meld the damn toys into the bloomin’ boxes !!!! My little excitable bunny princess was almost at bursting point waiting to play with her fabulous new toys but the poor lamb just has to wait while myself, Dad, and 2 older brothers hack, cut, slice and even chew our way into the huge boxes to get the teeny toys out of them. Thankfully between the 4 of us the toys started to filter onto the floor and eventually managed to get played with before school.

So now its time for Birthday Pancakes, the birthday girls choice of tea time, and then to bundle the tired, frazzled and shattered little 4 year old into bed, while the rest of us tidy away a busy day.


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