Rilly Random – Red Sauce or Brown Sauce?

Rilly Random

Red sauce (or Tomato sauce) is my favourite of the 2.

My 5 points of Red Sauce

  1. My favourite thing to have with red sauce has got to be a bacon and egg sarnie… Nom Nom Nom.
  2. Sometime the cheaper brands actually taste nicer than the leading brands, I like Asdas own, not the mega cheap one, the next one up. I think Daddys red sauce tastes a bit weird
  3. Have you noticed those little sachet things, there is never enough in one and some cafes are so stingy that you have to pay 10p for one little squirt of sauce. Its not on at all.
  4. As a family of 8, we get through one large bottle of red sauce a week. I swear my kids drink it when I am not looking.
  5. Red sauce is a nightmare to clean out of carpets
My 5 points of Brown Sauce
  1. Its brown, and its not gravy.
  2. What flavour is it anyway?? Its not brown flavour for a start
  3. I dont think I have ever purchased a bottle of brown sauce in my life
  4. It smells funny
  5. Its yukky

So which is your favourite and why??