No … I am not mad..

“Awwww, is this your first?” I have been asked.

“No, my 6th” … now wait for it, here it comes

“are you mad?” “Don’t you have a telly?” ”

Oddly enough, no I am not mad, a little frazzled every now and then, but certainly not mad. Madness would be continuing to have children if I didnt really want them, but for some strange reason I actually like my kids. Yes its noisy, and its messy, and lots of hard work at times, but its wonderfully rewarding. The hustle and bustle is an attraction to some, they love our chaos.

And as for a TV, yes we do have a telly.

Another one I hear a lot is “You are finished now?? ” to which I can only reply… “more than likely” or “probably” and the occasional “I think so” Chances are if I had the opportunity to have another I would.

So when you are surprised  at someone in the supermarket that has slightly above the average number of children, think to yourself first… does this woman look crazy? The big chance is, no, she wont be crazy, just has a lot of love to give, and is happy to give it to her children.

Now the real madness sets in when you are trying to run your business and toddlers start to chew on your accounts, and the older infants start to ‘Help’ by folding (but we know its just rolling) your wares, but that is a topic for another time


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