Contract Update – 26th September 2016

Dear RillyRoos Client,


Many thanks for your continued custom. As you are aware we are a family run business, and we started out with little to no knowledge of business. We are very pleased that the business has grown over the last year with the help of our clients.

I am writing to inform you of some small changes that will take action in 28 days from 26th September 2016.
Due to the inconveniences of sales returns, that never seem to be returned on time this makes it very difficult for ourselves to work out the correct values on invoices, returns are often returned after we have made payment, and this makes things very awkward when trying to adjust future invoices.
For this reason we will be changing to making payments 1 month in arrears.
I will make payment as usual around the 3rd October, but the next payment will be December.
This will hopefully allow us the chance to regulate the payments easier, and more on time too. We will also be emailing regular updates to let you know what items have sold, and how many you have left to go.
I wanted to make the changes now so you don’t lose out on a December payment.

So for example. Sales from October would normally be paid in November, with the changes, sales from October would now be paid in December, sales from November will be paid in January and so on.
As always, with any changes to the contract you are free to cancel.
Changes will automatically take place, if you do not wish to continue using RillyRoos Ltd or if you have any questions about the change, please contact me via

Struggles of a Business Mum

A dream for a lot of people is to find a way to work for themselves. The thought of making their own hours around the family is one of the key points of why we strive to do it. What no one sees though is the hours and hours busy business mums out there, put into their work.

No self employment is easy. Whether it is Avon, photography, or making things yourself to sell. Its hard work.

You eat, sleep and breathe your work, and while you do that you are helping to maintain the family flow. I know I am very lucky to have an amazing husband who runs around after the children, especially in the holidays, so I can still come to work and get my jobs done. But not all Business Mums have that support. Maybe their husbands work too, maybe they are single parents.

There seems at times, that as mums and business owners, we have to live up to this ideal of being a super hero. Mainly its what we do to our selves, and instead of saying “I AM KNACKERED, I NEED A BREAK” we tend to bury our heads further into work. People see us working and working and think that we are doing so well, but in reality we may be struggling to balance figures, or struggling to get the sales, or just simply struggling with our own brains and bodys. Add the hormonal swings of PMS, and then for a week (or 2) every month the best of planning goes out of the window when the jelly brain sets in.
You go home and you want to cry. Your partner, your kids all wonder what the heck is going on and that makes you worse……

This has been me for the last 6 months. Especially with how fickle eBay has been over the last 18 months. The Cassini best match search, and keywords, promotions and java scripts… Every time they change something it kills my listings. I can list millions, but if it doesnt get seen I cant sell it.

But every time they change I have to spend weeks getting things right so I am not listing. If I am not listing I am not selling.

Its a huge chaotic cycle. The only bonus is, its not just me, thousands of other sellers are affected each time too.

I feel awful for my clients. They are relying on me to list for them, and I feel the pressure of that sometimes. Not that any of them are ever mean about it… LOL They are all lovely really, but that makes it harder when I feel like I am letting them down. In reality, I am thinking of listings and sales 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, birthdays and Christmas, mothers day lie ins. I am usually listing at some point, or trying to get listings seen, Facebook, Twitter, Advertising where I can for free because I cant afford to pay for it, because the sales are not coming in.

BUT…. Then I have clear days, when I can think straight and I can see the light at the end of the long dark tunnel. I wouldn’t swap all these stresses for a 9-5 job.
I do love what I do, especially when I can finally get things working smoothly.
Its just sometimes, its a struggle, and I don’t ever like admitting it.

A little note to my clients. I know things have been slow these last few months. Please know I am not being lazy. My mind is ALWAYS in work, and I am ALWAYS trying my best.

A Final note to Mr Rilly. You are amazing. You are always my rock. You help me so much in so many ways. I cant wait for the kids to go back school so you can come back work to help me out here again :p

Visit My Store Now < – Subtle Hint *Wink Wink*



I’m a Little Teapot

How gorgeously cute is this lil fella.

I cant help but sing the nursery rhyme when I see it.

This was sent in from Client 78, and it comes with no makers mark or anything.

It doesnt stop it from being totally fab though.


To buy this little cutie visit RillyRoos

Amendment to Contract -RillyRoos Part 4

Amendment – Dated 20th March 2016. 
Changes to RillyRoos part 4 – Listing onto eBay. 

We have trialed for 3 months using the auction facility on eBay. Attempting a to gain a final sale by starting an auction at 99p plus postage.
It has now shown that this is not a profitable option for clients or for RillyRoos.
We will now do 12 months Good til Cancelled, 1 month at 20% off on the markdown manager, a 30 day relist at 25% off the original listing price.
If the item still has not sold RillyRoos will then buy the item from the client at a trade price of 5% of the final listing price, less the cost of 14 months listing fees (4p per month)

As with any changes to the contract, the client is welcome to cancel at any time. Please email me at and arrangements can be made.


RillyRoos tries hard to work out the best possible way to make money for the client. After all, the more money we make for you, the more money we make for us.

Contract Updates Coming up in 2016

Over the last few years RillyRoos has gone from helping out a few friends with their listings to having more than 90 clients on the books.

Due to this and going limited a few months ago the services contract will be having a few updates. It will be released shortly after the new year.

Dont worry, there are no major changes, the fees are staying the same, just the small print that needs adding LOL Darn small print😀

I will let you know when it is ready


With an amazing fun cape on the back

Baby Boys Clothes are So Cute

I love seeing some of the baby boys clothes that come through the shop. Some of these little things are just so munchy scrunchy.

Like this jacket

Super Dog coat from Next age 3-6 Months

Super Dog coat from Next age 3-6 Months

With an amazing fun cape on the back

With an amazing fun cape on the back

Of course this is available at the moment (12/11/15) in the shop, but like most things, there is only one of each item.

So Once it is gone…. ITS GONE 

So how about this little cutie too

Baby boys outfit for 0-3 months

Baby boys outfit for 0-3 months

Keep an eye on offers. You will be able to buy multiple items and earn discounts.

FREE Postage on most items, and no quibble returns for all items if its not suitable for your needs.

A Little Thanks to ALL my Clients

Thank you to you all.

Your patience and understanding over the last 12 months has been amazing. When I first started RillyRoos, it was my intention to just buy stock and sell for myself. As most of you know, I have been running the business myself whilst we waited for all the mini Rillys to be in full time school, and now Mr Rilly has been able to join me. I do appreciate that you have been patient with me, I havent been able to get things listed as quick as I would have liked but, hopefully now with 2 and a half of us listing (the half being a part time, dragged into help for free teenage son) we should be able to work a little quicker and hopefully make you (and us) a little more pennies.

Thank you to each of you for taking the gamble and having a go. Without you we would be an empty warehouse, with nothing to do

Thank you to those of you that have recommended us to friends and family. It is appreciated so much. Some of you should be claiming commission for how many people you have recommended LOL

Thank you to you all for your continued support. I hope we have many many many years together, forever topping up your eBay piles.


RillyRoo xxx

Big News for RillyRoos

RillyRoos has finally become a real grown up business. We are finally a LIMITED company!!

Super exciting.

Now with 86 clients on the books and over 50% of those are returning clients happily dropping off more and more items, we can happily say we are definitely on the move onwards and upwards.

I hope you will all continue to follow our blog, facebook and twitter… along with instagram and pinterest too… LOL

Stock photography

Professional Photography – Starting Small

Many amateurs wonder if they will ever make it in to the big wide professional world of photography, and to be perfectly honest…. if you have a good eye and take nice shots, I don’t think there is any thing that should stop you. 

For example let me tell you my story. I am still very early days yet, but it is a venture I am enjoying. 

At the age of 33 I had my first ever decent camera, I instantly fell in love with it. To be honest the poor thing was wasted on taking pictures of my kids, and items I needed to list on eBay, I used the auto setting ALL the time. I didn’t have a single clue about F stops, and Iso settings, and to be truthful I am still learning now. I got a little fed up of not knowing how to work it better, and little did I know the next step of my playing would be the step that has taught me so much. 

18 Months ago, I started a 365 project. I looked into it and researched what would be the best way to do it and the best way to challenge myself. How could I use it to learn more about my camera, how could I learn more so I stopped using the Auto function as much (Lets be honest, when you have kids running in all directions, Auto is sometimes the only option) I found that the most useful way was to set themes. Something different for each week. Not only would this keep things interesting, but it would allow me to try different styles of photography I may have not thought of before. 

Let the word inspire you

Let the world inspire you

Other people found it interesting and decided to join in too. Some like myself found that they not only had the love for photography, but actually, they are pretty good at it too. 

So we tried themes like landscapes, flowers, still life, portraits, street & even stock photography. Exploring rules of thirds, lead in lines, depth of field and loads of other different jargons we had no idea of at the start of the venture. 

Castle in the Distance... Can you see it?

Castle in the Distance… Can you see it?

Fast forward now to today. I have done a couple of wedding shoots for friends, and have a few booked up ready too. The part I found hardest was “Am I any good?” its all good taking pictures yourself and your dad saying how fabulous they are, but what about if you are really any good? Would your friends be happy with your photos or will you have let them down for their special day. The pressure you can put on yourself is huge. The other question is “Do I charge?, If I charge, how much shall I charge?” personally, I have done the couple of weddings so far for free. This is to help me know if its an area I would like to pursue one day, or whether I have what it takes to organise, and mingle with strangers for a whole day. Also, if things go terribly wrong and you only end up with 5 decent pictures, at least you hahaven’tipped your friends off for a couple of 100 quid and lost a friendship over it. Always express you are not a pro, but you will try for them. There are lots of couples that simply cant afford a photographer, and if one of these couples are friends then it might be worth asking if you can take the pics for them. 

Sometimes you get GREAT shots

Sometimes you get GREAT shots

My 2nd bit of how to start is…. take pictures of other peoples children, with permission of course… LOL please always make sure the parents are present. Its all good taking pictures of your own kids, you can threaten them with an early bed, or lose out on the xbox if they don’t sit still, or just so I can take one more shot. Other peoples kids are unpredictable, and you cant threaten them either…. Damn !!! Again, start for free to see if it is something you want to do. 

Most important, listen. Listen to the feedback. Listen to the friends of friends when they see your pictures. Those are the ones that don’t care if they hurt your feelings. If its a crap picture, you can bet your ass they will be the ones to say so. And trust me, you will take some crap ones…. but don’t show those ones to the client ;) 

Obviously you wont stay free forever, but don’t jump straight in and expect to be earning £1000 every weekend. Photography is a hard enough skill to learn, and even harder still earning a reputation that matches the pictures too. Start small and build your reputation, if you are worth paying for, people will. 

Experiment with portraits

Experiment with portraits