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Do Baby Clothes Makers Even Have Kids??

Apart from the obvious “why do baby jeans have pockets?” my particular gripe is about something much more fiddley. I am sure there are alternative solutions to this particular problem.

In my opinion its fairly obvious that they have never tried to dress an octopus in a net bag, or fasten clothes onto Rapunzel

Do you want to see my gripe??

THIS is my gripe

THIS is my gripe


Just look at the size of the button to the size of the loop !! Seriously !!

I have spent the last 15 years pinning kids down whilst faffing around at the back of their necks trying my hardest to shove a massive button into a tiny hole.

Then to make it more fun clothes designers decide to do this

Silly shaped buttons

Silly shaped buttons


And that is a relatively tame shape. Some are just so awkward they have to have a whole new shaped button hole for it.


But that isnt it…. Designers also like to do this on little girls clothes…


Fabric covered buttons !!

Fabric covered buttons !!


So not only do you have teeny loops, and silly shapes, you now have fabric covered buttons that attract stray hairs from wriggling girls and you end up fastening a chunk of hair into the loop as well.


So please, designers of clothes. Think a little more about us poor mothers who can spend 5 mins messing about trying to fasten each button, while being screamed at, and kicked. We do have other things we need to get on with. Oh and if they are completely necessary, at least make the hole big enough… Thank you



I make myself mad

Day 2 of my 365 challenge and I decide to leave writing my blog unitl way past bedtime. Why do I do this to myself every time?

Its like I am back in school again and rushing homework…. aghhhh who am I kidding, I never bothered with homework.

Its not the only thing I do that drives myself mad, I leave the dishes at night so they have to be done in the morning, I never put clothes away properly and end up with piles of clothes on the floordrobe. I know I am not the only woman in the world to do this, but it does annoy me. I leave wet towels on the floor, or worse, on the bed or settee, how my poor Mr Rilly puts up witnit I will never know! 

I often try to mend my slothen ways, but in all honesty, I cant be bothered ;)   and that annoys me too, I know what I should do, and could do, but I just never bloomin’ do it.

There it is, me at 11pm, rushing through my blog trying to keep to a challenge I set for myself…. but it is done, and on that note….

Goodnight :)

The Giraffe Riddle – My Answer

We have all seen friends profile pictures changing to giraffes, and then stupidly we ask ‘Why are you changing your profile pic to a giraffe?’

‘Oh its simple’ they reply, ‘you just need to answer a riddle’

Seems easy enough, you read the riddle and you ponder, and think a little more. Surely the answer is obvious, how could anyone be so dumb to get that simple riddle wrong.  But really, isnt that the whole point of a game, a viral bit of fun for one silly evening? a little bit of humour on your facebook wall rather than the usual cryptic “Could life be any worse?” or relationship updates changing more often than your mother moaning about you changing your knickers when you were a kid.

I joined in. I got the riddle wrong. I changed my profile picture to a giraffe.

Yes I am a Giraffe

Yes I am a Giraffe

Amazingly, after a million PM’s from others joining in and having a laugh at failures and the few gloats from the smart arses, and some funny random not even listed in the riddle answers, no one had their accounts hacked :o Shock horror.

The worst that happened was yet again the few ‘grown ups’ or the few sour faced prunes who got a little cheesed off at being a giraffe had to go and spoil it for people by blogging the answer, and not only that but by also blogging that the wrong answer was the right one.


Are your lives so dull you have to spoil a silly game that made us all act like children for an evening?


We all know what the right answer is dont we???

You dont have to open the door, or your eyes, or even the jam.

If your parents knock on the door at 3am for breakfast you open your mouth to tell them to “P!$$ Off, its 3am FFS” 

Do you ever think about them?

Can you pick out who is on Benefits? Maybe one or 2 yes, but the majority you would be shocked by. They don’t wear a banner above their heads saying “Scrounger” “Dole Dosser” “Jeremy Kyle Scum” No! The majority of people on benefits you would never even guess.  They go about their lives taking their children to school, going shopping, filling the car with petrol, and if they budget well, even go on holiday.
When the Government wants to get rid of the welfare state and all those people out there that have been fortunate in their lives to have never used it are all behind them shouting “Get off your arse and get a job” “Stop scrounging and pay your taxes” think for a moment of the war veterans, some taking injuries that not only affect them physically, but mentally too. Think about the single mother of 4 children, who up until recently was married for 15 years, owned their own home, and had holidays abroad twice a year, well until her husband left her for a younger woman with no kids. Think of the father of 2, who has worked every day of his life, suddenly finding out his wife is dying, and he is struggling to deal with it and slips into a depression, but is also caring for his wife and 2 children. These are the people no one thinks of when it comes to the welfare reforms. These are the people that will be left to suffer. Not the scumbags you see on Jeremy Kyle, those people will never suffer. If you take their benefits away they will simply steal your television, and steal your car.

Some benefit users may only need it for a short time. Some may need it for longer, but it is there to help everyone. I really hope that if the welfare system does ever go, those that shouted the loudest never end up in a situation where they need it. I wonder what they will be shouting then??

The Next Boxing Day Sale

OK, This is one that really really gets up my nose.

Why on earth would you sacrifice your Christmas evening by either not sharing in the merriments and not having a little drinky with family and friends, or going to bed early because you have got to get up at 3.30am to get ready for a clothes sale?

If you wanted them that much buy them the week before?

What about the poor staff members that would probably rather be in bed at 5am nursing hangovers after having a great night with family and friends.

What about the poor babies and toddlers that get dragged along, cold and in the dark waiting to get some new clothes.

Seriously I do not get it… LOL

Do they sell them off for 10p or something?

Crazy thing is, if you check eBay tonight you will start to see LOADS of BNWT next items being listed… Forums flooded with “I got this from the next sale, does anyone want it?” If you didnt want it, why on earth did you buy it??

Seriously though, I love my friends, but…. the ones that go the Boxing Day Next Sale are a litte bit nuts :p

Ranting Rilly – Anyone else sick of everything being about Celebs??

I dont rant very often… but this is one of my big bug bears and it really does my head in !!

What ever happened to the good old fashioned gameshow on a Saturday night with Mr Joe Average and his unpredictable and embarrassing wife?

The best fun ever was when helpless giggles descended when the stupidest of answers came out from some random family members mouth on Family Fortunes, or yelling “THE CUDDLEY TOY” on the generation game …

But now… its all Celeb this and Celeb that, whats wrong? Cant they get any decent work now so have to steal what little bit of joy Mr & Mrs Average had by winning a Bendy Bully or the Blankety Blank Cheque Book & Pen, and maybe, just maybe a nice little prize or a little bit of pocket money. Surely there is always enough weirdos out there that want their 5 mins of fame and would be slightly more entertaining than some has been or a vague wannabe. Every time we get a decentish game show that Mr Public goes on, it has to turn into a celeb fest.

I am sorry ‘Celebs’ but if you did your day job well enough you wouldnt stoop to the level of doing game shows.

Give back the game show to Joe and his wife, give the crappy prizes back to the working class man who just wants to have a laugh at the end of the week. Give back the Saturdays nights to some decent entertainment that doesnt revolve around z list celebs.

Steps down from soap box and resumes watching Cbeebies with the kids.

3 Things to not buy for Christmas

From one mother to another, let me share one of my many pearls of wisdom.

I know of 3 toys that most kids will ask for, they are like the Mr Frosty from when we were growing up, I still feel deprived from my childhood for never having had one of these for Christmas, but I survived and after trying these 3 particular items out on various days after the big Christmas opening, I forgive my parents.

1. The good old Chocolate Coin Maker.

OK this has to be the worst toy in the world EVER !! They give you these poxy tiny little tray things to melt the chocolate buttons in, and you can only use lukewarm water to do so, so yes it takes forever for them to melt.

Then you can only make one single boring coin at a time. (or so it was when we tried it) By the time you have got to your 3rd coin the kids have got bored and run off and left you to making the rest of the coins by yourself.

2. The disgusting Gooey Bug Maker or what ever its called now…

OK the filling in of the moulds is fun, the shapes are fab and they work well.. But Oh My GOD!!! the taste is completely ming central. I am sure flavours like that should be illegal. Seriously we all tried one and even the kids wouldnt eat any more, and my kids will eat anything if they think its sweets.

3. and finally, Moon Dough…

What sick and twisted individual made this up. OK yeah at first it feels great, you cant help but touch it, its even actually a little fun. But then its time to clean up.

Now have you ever had to clean up a bag of polystyrene balls?? You know the ones in bean bags etc?? Well cleaning moon dough is like cleaning up those. A brush is no good because it fluffs about everywhere. A hoover is OK but then the pipe gets full of static and it sticks to it rather than go up it.

So I know I put you all in the position my parents have been in, and have been miffed at for years for not getting me Mr Frosty, but trust me, its worth the hatred, its worth the temper tantrums and anger, otherwise it will be you that is having the temper tantrums.

OMG When did I turn into one of THOSE mums

I happily go along in my life, to be honest I dont normally care how others raise their children, as long as the children are loved, and are the priority in peoples lives what more can anyone ask??

Until one day I look across the cafe and see a Mum giving her baby, who is roughly the same age as 6, about 5 months ish, an orange fruit shoot. Not only was I shocked by that but I was shocked at my disgust of that. Where did that come from?? Why should it really matter to me what they give or dont give to their babies?? Its not like they are giving it to mine.

And come on, I am so far from the model perfect parent myself, I wean early, I give juice in a bottle and a million other terrible parenting fails. So why did I feel the way I did?

Is it the whole ‘online parenting’? of “Be careful what you admit to or else you could be the victim of cyber bulling !!” I have seen it all before on numerous forums. The favourites being ear piercing babies ears, or weaning before 12 weeks, and yes the big old fruit shoot debate, even us mums with a few more than the usual number of kids can be victimised.

In all honesty we all have a few things that we wouldn’t admit to in public in fear of being judged, so for those of you that are brave enough to admit to your parenting fails no matter how small they are, you should be applauded for not giving in to peer pressure, and cyber bullies.

And for those of you that have no faults…. THAT is your parenting fail ;) We are only human after all.

The Perfect Parent Myth

We all know there is no such thing. The Perfect Parent is just like the bogieman or the Yeti. No one has ever actually seen one.

Oh yes we have heard of them, usually from the ones that think they are the perfect ones, but yes we do hear about them. The thing that I ponder on is the fact that these perfect parents all parent differently.

So does the perfect parent boobie feed or bottle feed??

Does the perfect parent wean on the guidelines or before the guidelines?

Does the perfect parent say yes to every little material desire or say no?

“To be in your children’s memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today”
– Anonymous

The perfect parent, in my opinion, is the one that always does their best for their babies and children. Yeah we all make mistakes along the way, even 6 times down the line I still mess up and wing it half the time. I give my babies weetabix before 6 months, I dont breast feed, I have bumped their heads on the door frames when walking past and not got it checked out, and even as they have gotten older I still am not perfect. 12 years of practice and I still forget to help 1 with his homework, go 3 0r 4 days forgetting to get 2’s glasses fixed even though he is as blind as a bat without them, or tell them to stop moaning when they have fell over and that I have seen bigger cuts on my eyeball. I still have the TV on too much for the little ones.  So I am holding my hand up and saying from this perspective I am NOT the perfect parent.

“Live so that when your children think of fairness and integrity, they think of you.” 
– H. Jackson Brown

So as long as we try to raise our chidren with morals, manners and respect, it doesnt really matter how the were fed as a baby, or what brand of clothes they wear, or even if you managed to help them with their homework last Tuesday. Perfect parents care, so I guess there really is a hell of a lot of Perfect Parents out there then

“If you want your children to improve, let them overhear the nice things you say about them to others.” 
– Haim Ginott

Bad Bad eBay!

As you know I run an eBay business. The majority of the time its great. But there is the rare occasions when you can feel quite sad about trading on eBay.

Its not the fees, or the tedium of listing. The fees are part and parcel of gaining a worldwide customer base, so that part pays. The listing, yes… can get a little boring sometimes, but again if you want to make money its something you have to do,

Its not even the awkward customers, that expect it to be delivered that very hour, or complain that there is something wrong when you know for a fact their isnt, every shop meets people like these so mine is no different than those.

What brings me down is eBay itself. Its unfair feedback system, the detailed seller ratings that the seller cant see the information on, the fact we cant warn other sellers that certain buyers are trying it on. Just the other day I had a buyer complain that an item hadnt arrived, yet when I checked the recorded delivery number, it had been delivered 2 days before. Another buyer complaining that the item wasnt as described, yet when I ask them to return it to me for a refund, the item is then actually OK enough to keep. But there is nothing stopping the buyers from leaving a negative feedback rather than attempt to sort the problem out.

Every day you are on pins trying to sell to the highest of standards and sometimes actually making a loss on some items just to keep the customer and eBay happy, because one small negative feedback can reduce your visibility on eBay for a month or more so you lose a great deal of money.

They dangle the carrot of Top Rated Seller, and you aim to achieve this yet its so easy to lose once you get it, and buyers seem to know this. I have been a powerseller for years, I have had 1 negative feedback and that was only a few months ago. I was slow to deliver and item was not a 14, I was on holiday with my holiday settings on and measurements are listed in the description, would eBay remove it… No!! did it affect my sales?? YES !!!

I have been marked down 5 times in the last 3 months for high postage charges. My postage is one of the cheapest on eBay for the items I sell bar Free Postage (Which I have tried before) plus I have a business account and no postage prices get put on the stamps so how do they know if I have charged high or not?  Can I check the items that have been marked as high postage?? No I cant, so how can I correct something that I dont know about?

So yes eBay is very favourable to the buyer, but its the sellers that make them the money.