I’m a BzzAgent and Today I tested Chokablok Icecream.

Today I tested two flavours. The 1st flavour I tried was the Chocolate Extremist. WOW the chocolate flavour was very extreme, a little too much for me.

The texture felt dry and bitty, the flavouring was heavy. It was certainly not a tub a girl could plough through while watching her favourite chick flick, not without feeling queasy after a 3rd of the tub.

The 2nd flavour I tried was the Gold Digger. Very different to the Chocolate extreme, lighter, smoother texture, but a little too boring. The caramel gooey parts were deliciously sweet, and the honeycombs were chewy just the way I like them, but there wasnt much of a vanilla taste to it.

Mr Rilly also tried them with me, he couldnt eat much being dairy intolerant but he agreed with me about the Chocolate Extremist flavour.

So I am afraid Chokablok, not quite right for me.

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